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Now Is the Time to Pick Up New Welding Gloves

You can find the leading welding equipment brands at discounted prices and with special promotions at Baker’s Gas and Welding, but during the month of November you can add to your savings by stocking up on Black Stallion’s welding and work gear. One of the best items you can pick up for your own welding shop or for the welder on your gift list this year is a pair of Black Stallion welding gloves with the November promotion code added to your savings.

TIG Welding Gloves

Picking up a high-quality pair of flexible gloves for TIG welding is an important part of the TIG welding process. Gloves that limit your movement will prevent you from effectively completing the fine work that TIG welding requires.

One of the most popular Black Stallion gloves at Baker’s is the Black Stallion Kidskin TIG Gloves with a long cuff. These gloves receive high marks for their flexibility and comfort.

For a comprehensive take on what you need for a pair of TIG gloves, you can watch this video review of TIG welding gloves at Welding Tips and Tricks. Most of the name brand welding gloves perform well in the test this welder performs, but pay attention to his criteria for choosing a solid glove. Some gloves perform better on the test than others.

For example, the reviewer asks the following questions:  Can you pick up a dime? If the glove gets hot, can you sling them off? Does the glove fit your hand without a lot of extra material getting in the way?

The reviewer’s personal preference is goatskin gloves for TIG welding that don’t fit too snug. A double seam on a TIG glove will also give you a little more flexibility and sturdiness.

MIG Welding Gloves

MIG gloves are often a middle of the road option for welders since the MIG process gives off more heat, but welders tend to still want something a little more flexible than a heavy stick welding glove. These Black Stallion Deerskin MIG Welding Gloves are a great choice since Deerskin takes the shape of your hand over time.

They are both thick enough to protect your hand and flexible enough to use. In addition, their Kevlar thread is heat-resistant, making them very safe to use.

Stick Welding Gloves

Since stick welding produces the most heat and spatter, a pair of heavy-duty, top grain gloves are essential. The Black Stallion Premium Grain Elkskin Stick Welding Gloves are a good choice because top grain Elkskin is both comfortable and heat resistant. While these gloves will be stiffer than a TIG glove, they’ll still provide enough range of movement for your welding work.

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