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Beat the Heat with the New Supplied Air Respirator by Miller Electric

Miller Electric SAR Welding and Grinding Application

Warm weather is here, which means it’s even more important to stay cool and hydrated on the job site. Heat stress is something that welders need to constantly keep in mind as they work. Overheating is not only physically dangerous, but it can also impair your judgement and balance, increasing the risk of other worksite accidents. Thankfully the new Supplied Air Respirator by Miller Electric is designed to keep heat stress at bay.

Miller SAR Welding Application

Below we’ll share a few points about how to beat heat stress using Miller Electric’s new Supplied Air Respirator.

Identifying Heat Stress on the Jobsite

When you’re not focused on your work due to heat stress, you can end up producing low quality welds, resulting in weakened structures and a bad rep for your company. If you’re not sure what heat stress looks like, OSHA has made it easier to get a handle on it.

Using a new app and online charts from OSHA you can take the day’s heat and humidity index to identify your risk of heat stress. If your risk is high, you may want to reschedule your work or crews to the early morning or even overnight hours.

Pushing through a dangerous heat index is a risk you don’t want to take. If you suspect you or a coworker is suffering the effects of heat stress, take a break, hydrate, and make a game plan to get the work done under safer conditions.

The Benefits of The Supplied Air Respirator by Miller Electric

The new supplied air respirator (SAR) by Miller Electric is designed to keep welders cool under the hood while reducing weld fume exposure. Its well-balanced, lightweight design pairs perfectly with the Miller Electric T94i-R™ Series helmet.

Miller SAR Flow Diagram

The SAR features a C50 Air Regulator which can be positioned horizontally or vertically, allowing users to cool air entering the helmet up to 50°F. This increases the ability for all-day wear and gives you comfort and enhanced productivity.

Additionally, the Patent Pending Dualtec™ Manifold is combined with a 6 point air distribution system, optimizing helmet balance and giving you targeted air placement for maximized cooling. The SAR by Miller Electric features the industry’s largest grind shield which maximizes downward and peripheral visibility, improving your sense of surroundings.

An accurate weld requires a clear field of vision and the ClearLight™ Lens Technology of the SAR gives you high definition optics for precise arc recognition.

Save On the SAR and Other Miller Safety Products

The best time to equip yourself in the fight against heat stress is before the temperatures spike. Baker’s Gas and Welding has the SAR by Miller Electric along with other products designed to keep you safe and productive all summer long. Baker’s has great deals on other cooling products such as the CoolBelt and top helmets designed for comfort.

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