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New Rebate Offers the Lowest Prices on Miller Welding Helmets

New Rebate Offers the Lowest Prices on Miller Welding Helmets

You don’t have to wait to get the best deals on Miller welding helmets at Baker’s Gas and Welding. 

If you’re having a hard time tracking down a reliable bestseller like the Miller Digital Infinity Welding Helmet, Baker’s has plenty in stock at some of the lowest prices around. Here’s a roundup of the welding helmets on sale and what you can expect to save:

The Miller Digital Infinity Welding Helmet

When you need a lightweight helmet with the largest view for the toughest jobs, the Digital Infinity remains one of the top choices on the market. The wide viewing area of 13.4 inches is currently the largest in the welding industry and makes it especially safe to weld in a factory or construction site where multiple projects are happening at the same time.

Welders will enjoy superior protection with 4 arc sensors and a full range of shades for grinding, cutting, and welding, including X-Mode for TIG welding and out of position projects. The redesigned headgear minimizes stress and strain, providing a wide range of adjustments for the best fit. Easy-to-read digital controls make minor adjustments a snap, while the helmet also has the option to track arc time.

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The Miller Digital Elite Welding Helmet

The Miller Digital Elite welding helmet offers all of the same safety features as the Digital Infinity, including four arc sensors and the full range of shade options: Weld (Shade 8-13), Cut (Shade 5-8), Grind (Shade 3) and X-Mode (Shade 8-13). The main differences are the viewing area is slightly smaller, with less peripheral vision and fewer tracking controls.

Of course the other “feature” that welders will notice about this helmet is the price. It is cheaper than the Digital Infinity while still offering some of the top features on the market.

Learn more about the Digital Elite Welding Helmet

The Miller Digital Performance Welding Helmet

One of our customer favorites, the Digital Performance offers the basics of welding helmet protection with three arc sensors and the option of grind, weld, and cut modes. The viewing area is 7.22 square inches and easily swaps out each viewing lens.

Users will benefit from the updated layout of digital controls to make them easier to read and adjust while on the job. The head gear’s improved comfort and adjustability provides superior comfort and fit. Auto-darkening is triggered as soon as the arc is struck.

Learn more about the Miller Digital Performance Welding Helmet

How the Miller Electric Rebates Work

Visit the Miller Welding Helmet rebate page in order to submit your helmet purchase. You can receive $60, $50, or $40 off your welding helmet purchase. The Miller Digital series helmets were designed for professional welders demanding control and flexibility. Digital helmets feature the precision of a digital control that allows users to set and store their shade, sensitivity and delay preferences for various applications. The offer ends on December 31, 2017.

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Check out the extensive Miller Electirc welding helmet stock, compare the deeply discounted prices, read specs and reviews, and check out the additional rebate savings you can find on Miller welding helmets at Baker’s Gas and Welding. You can also find a wide range of welding safety gear, name brand welders, cutting setups, and other welding supplies and consumables at the most competitive online prices around.

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