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New Machine Attractive to Welders Suffering from Shortage


In March 2011, an explosion rocked the Carbide plant in Kentucky. As a result, there is a shortage of acetylene gas in the United States and Canada. Welders are increasingly having to turn to other sources for their fuel gas, such as propane. What acetylene remains on the market has climbed greatly in price and many smaller welding facilities are not able to pay that price.

Another challenge welders face is that companies that refill the acetylene cylinders have put a limit on how many times a cylinder can be filled. Many companies are not accepting new customers. This is causing a problem for welding shops, as many struggle to avoid raising prices on their own customers so that they can afford the acetylene.

As welders switch to more affordable means of welding, such as plasma cutters, a new machine has come into play. Made by Multiplaz North America, the machine is becoming increasingly popular as welding shops try to cut costs and find alternatives to acetylene. The new machine, called the Multiplaz 3500, the ‚Äúsuper new welding and cutting machine‚ÄĚ uses green technology and no gas.

Instead, the machine uses 8 ounces of alcohol and water. This is mixed per process as required and will run for around 20-30 minutes without needed to be refilled. Ordinary tap water is turned into plasma with this machine, which certainly cuts costs. With the 100% duty cycle, the inverter does not have to be turned off. What makes it even more appealing to welders? The fact that the machine is an all in one. The Multiplaz 3500 can do TIG and MIG type welding jobs, stick welding, and gas welding. It also has a plasma cutter capable of cutting to 3/8‚ÄĚ.

The Multiplaz company has a patent for the technology that their new machine uses and it is the only patent of its kind. This is also the only welder capable of being used for so many applications. It can cut any metal, bricks, concrete, and weld just about anything. It can also replace other tools such as blow lamps, electric jig saws, and gas torches. The cost of this machine is $1995 but some welding shops say it is cheaper in the long run than supplying various other machines or buying the fuel gases. To find out more about the machine, you can visit www.mulitplaz.com/about/ or you can call D.Morgan at 310-314-5551.

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