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Celebrating National Tradesmen Day 2020 with Baker’s Gas

National Tradesmen Day - Welders doing some work on a Pipe

Every third Friday of September, the country celebrates the hard work of an often forgotten workforce: tradespeople. 

National Tradesmen Day is a day to remember, thank, and celebrate the world’s tradespeople for all the work they do behind the scenes that keep our lives running smoothly. It can be thankless and grueling, yet necessary and vital work.

At Baker’s Gas, we’ve always had a soft spot for our country’s tradesmen and women. Since our founding in 1936, we’ve supplied gas and welding goods to trade workers from around the country. Today, tradespeople are still at the heart of our business as we pursue our ongoing mission: to be the premier supplier in our marketplace through excellence and quality of customer service, while providing profitability and growth for our customers, employees, owners, and vendor partners.

But, today is especially important for the world’s trades. We’re living in unprecedented times. While a lot of our country can stay indoors to keep themselves safe, our tradesmen and women are on the front lines, working to keep the lights on and our doors open. They are the backbone of our economy and the lifeblood of our nation. 

From carpenters to electricians and mechanics and more, we say thank you. Welding is at the core of our business. So, we want to give a special shout out to all the Ironworkers out there, and people who are making a career out of welding. And to all of the new graduates for beginning their career in the skilled trade that we love most! We’re excited to work with you as you progress in your career.

To celebrate, we’re offering $30 off orders of $100. Use the code TRADES upon checkout to take advantage of this limited time offer. 

Once again, to all the tradespeople out there, thank you for what you do all year round.

Michael McLean


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