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More Cutting Power, Less Weight in the Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 60i X

More Cutting Power, Less Weight in the Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 60i X

Cutting metal in your welding shop or on the go just got a whole lot easier with the lighter, more powerful, and more user-friendly Cutmaster 60i X from Thermal Dynamics. This reimagined beast of a machine is rated to cut ¾” metal of all kinds, including, steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. It can also sever up to an inch and a half.

Weighing in at 37 pounds and cutting between 10 to 60 amps, the new Cutmaster offers reliable and portable cutting power for a variety of applications, from fabrication to repair to construction to mechanized cutting tables. Here’s a brief overview of the excellent features and exceptional value you can expect from the latest Thermal Dynamics plasma cutter.

More Power and Precision

From severing one and a half inch thick metal at its full 60 amps to precise cuts on thin metals at 10 amps of power, the Cutmaster 60i X has a wide range of power options to match the task at hand. You’ll also be able to gouge with the shield cap and gouging nozzle included in the plasma cutter’s consumable kit.

If you’re working with a cutting table setup for especially precise cuts, the MechPak is a mechanized package now available for the Cutmaster series. The Cutmaster 60i easily hooks up to this setup for semiautomatic cutting processes.

Portable Power for Plasma Cutting

There is a lot of power packed into the Cutmaster 60i X for its size, making it one of the most powerful light weight machines on the market. Weighing 37 pounds and offering a multi-handle design, you can lift it with one or two hands when setting it up on the job site.

While the machine is rugged and durable, made to be moved wherever you need it, it also comes with an industry leading 4-year warranty on the power supply and 1-year warranty on the  torch.

More Detailed, Safer Display

The bright, clear display on the Cutmaster 60i X is easy to read from across the room. When your parameters are off for air flow or if your torch is disconnected, the display will show an error code that matches a specific issue to address. The manual helps you identify the problem based on the simple error code system.

The electrode status is also monitored, helping you get the most out of your cuts before the electrode deteriorates. Get started right away with a simple quick connect guide that comes right out of the box

Longer Lasting Consumables

The consumable kit (included with the machine) may strike some as a bit pricey for the Cutmaster 60i X if you’re going to buy a back up kit, but that price can be deceiving. The consumable kit is jam-packed with tips, nozzles, caps, and electrodes. The extended life heat shield is a cap that helps your tips last longer, while the Cutmaster allows a higher standoff when cutting to help consumables last longer as well.

Best of all, the new black consumables are made from anodized copper that last 60% longer than other consumables. So a consumable kit with more stuff that lasts longer will certainly carry a higher price tag but will deliver more value and efficiency.

Overall, when it comes to the Cutmaster’s consumables, you may spend more up front on your setup, but over time you will see big savings and spend less time swapping out electrodes.

Choose Your Torch and Power Options

The Cutmaster 60i X comes with either an SL 60 or SL 100 torch, with 25 foot and 50 foot cable optoins available. It comes in 1 phase and 3 phase power options as well.

Save on a Cutmaster 60i X and Consumable Pack

The Cutmaster 60i X series is discounted by an average of about $600 from the list price as of this writing at Baker’s Gas and Welding.

For a limited time, Baker’s is offering an exclusive sale on consuamble kits with the new promo code BEAST60X. If you spend $50 or more on consumables, you get $60 back. It’s a bit like Baker’s is paying you to buy consumables! Learn more about the specs and features of the Cutmaster 60i X or ask the online chat team for help with your purchase at the Baker’s online store.

Learn more about the Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 60i X in this Baker’s Gas video.


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