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The New Standard on Miller's Trailblazer 325: ArcReach Technology

Miller ArcReach Technology

Miller's ArcReach Technology is the new standard on all Miller Trailblazer 325s. What does that mean to you? If you are on a jobsite or need to get a project done in a timely manner, this could mean more money and time saved.

When you purchase an accessory that has ArcReach, it will majorly decrease the downtime that you incur when the operator has to walk back and forth between the power supply and the weld joint to adjust settings. You may not think that this is much, but on average you will regain about 250 hours of production time per operator, per year.

ArcReach Technology Benefits

How does ArcReach Technology work?

When you have an ArcReach accessory linked with the power source, all of your adjustments can be made at the wire feeder, not at the power source. The cool thing about this is that there aren't long control cables in the way strewn out across the jobsite that are at risk of being damaged or severed.

Easier adjustments means less settling for a sub-par weld as well. If the operator can easily make small adjustments quickly and efficiently, they'll likely make adjustments until they achieve a better weld. With less time walking and an easier time making adjustments, you will get premium welds for longer during your workday.

ArcReach compatible accessories can be used with other non-ArcReach power sources, but to achieve the maximum ArcReach capability, they will need to be used simultaneously. ArcReach accessories come in a couple different packages.

The ArcReach Suitcase 12 will give you the flexibility of setting wire speed and volts at the feeder for a traditional wire-feed application. It comes in a durable molded-plastic shell as well to give it longevity on a harsh jobsite.

The ArcReach SmartFeeder is great if you need an option with pulsed-MIG capability. It has some synergic processes built in and has a similar rugged design to the ArcReach Suitcase 12.

The ArcReach TIG/Stick Remote is ultra portable and will give the operator a chance to change pre-sets at the weld joint. This is a nice TIG/Stick option also because you do not need any additional power cord.

As a recap, ArcReach Technology will come standard on ALL Miller Trailblazer Gas + Diesel Models. You can shop all of our best-selling Trailblazer 325's here!

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