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Miller Welders for Sale Online with Free Shipping

Miller Welders

Welders don’t have to travel far to find the best price for a welder since
there are welders online that you can purchase with free shipping. In fact
shopping for a welder online gives you access to a wider range of choices, the
most competitive prices, and a treasure trove of welder reviews from experienced
welders who have experience with a variety of different machines. With the low
prices and free shipping that Baker’s Gas and Welding currently offers for Miller Electric’s latest welders, you can find the best welder for the money without leaving your home. Better yet, with all of the online welder reviews at the Baker’s website, you can make sure you’re picking out the best welder for you.

Here are some customer reviews from the best selling welders at Baker’s Gas
and Welding.

Miller Multimatic 200 with
Auto-Set Elite

Ben from Ponco City Oklamhoma wrote:

“Awesome. Smooth arc. Ran 1/8″ 7018 on 110v 20 amp as soon as I got it
unpacked. Welded great. I could not believe it. .035 flux core runs great as
well. Welded a 1/2 inch plate on top of a schedule 40 4″ pipe for vice mount.
Good penetration. Ordered a knurled roller but the smooth one that came with it
works fine. Also ordered the insulated adaptor kit for use without the diffuser
and nozzle.”

GP from Salt Lake City UT shares:

“I needed a welder with increased portability. I have used a Miller 211 for
some time, and liked its functionality, but didn’t enjoy the weight of carrying
it. I also liked the autoset and the ability to use both 110 and 230 volt input
(110 is often a necessity on site).
So, the Multimatic had all of these
capabilities and more. The autoset is a significant time saver. I know it isn’t
difficult to look things up on a table, but it is so quick to simply dial in the
material thickness, wires size and go.

Some folks I have talked to think it runs a bit hot at default, but it works
very well for the way I work. The arc is maybe a bit better than the 211, and is
much better than other “portable” machines I have used. For MIG work it is just about perfect. The Bernard gun included is also a step up from most small MIGs.”

What we learned from reviewers:

One of the most important things we’ve noticed from customer reviews is that
this particular model is not ideal for TIG welding aluminum. So while it is able
to handle a wide variety of welding applications and can even do many of them
better than other welders on the market, you may want to pick up a dedicated TIG
welder if you do a lot of TIG work. See the feedback below about Miller’s
bestselling TIG welder.

If you want to get the next step up in the Multimatic line, be sure to check
out the Miller Multimatic 200 with Auto-Set Elite and TIG Contractor Kit.

Miller Millermatic 211
All-In-One MIG Welder w/ Auto Set and MVP Plug w/ Cart

Arc Man from Somerset writes:

“I went back and forth about getting a miller or a different brand “just like
a miller they say” here is why you should get the miller 1. I have had other
brands and nothing as good as this miller. 2. the other brands they say “as good as a miller” well they're NOT a miller! 3. bottom line save your money and buy the good one!”

Q from Jacksboro, TN adds:

“Going to the Millermatic 211 was a great move. It’s just hobby for me and I
don’t get to use the welder too much and with the Millermatic I don’t have to
guess at the settings, use the gauge that comes with it and set it, test it,
tweak it (just a little to say you did) and have fun.”

What we learned from reviews:

This Miller welder has been one of Baker’s best selling MIG welders year in,
year out. If you’re in the market for a MIG welder, this should be at
or near the top of your list.

Miller Diversion 180 AC/DC 
TIG Welder with Foot Pedal

Tluigs from Paducah, KY writes:

“I use this machine for home hobby use and it fits the bill perfectly for
this. It is nice and light weight at around 50 pounds has two handles on top for lifting so its very portable. It has plenty of power for small hobby type
projects and fabrication. Could be used for very light production. The only
thing I would want more out of it is to be able to adjust the frequency and some very basic pulse function.”

Ric from Claremont, FL shares:

“I am using the Miller Diversion 180 to help restore a 1938 Ford Club Coupe.
This car has many panels that need replacing, and a TIG welder will enable me to make cleaner welds with less grinding and less distortion My Diversion 180 came from Baker’s in record time at a cost that was impossible to beat”

What we learned from reviewers:

The most consistent thing we hear from customers about the Diversion is that
it’s so easy to use. With so many welders talking about the steep learning curve
for TIG welding, it’s nice to know that Miller has taken a lot of the guess work
out of the TIG welding process.


If you are in the market for any welding supplies or gear make sure to check out what we have to offer here


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