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Miller’s Holiday Bonus Promotion for Welding Supplies

Miller’s Holiday Bonus Promotion for Welding Supplies

For welders looking to get started on a project for the holidays or to pick up a gift for a welder in the family, Miller Electric has added several new promotions that are ideal for home and hobby welders. Best yet, Miller’s Build with Blue promotion is also continuing throughout this offer, making it possible to pick up a discounted welding machine along with essential welding supplies and welding accessories.

Classic Miller Welding Helmets

With a purchase of a Classic Series Helmet (251292, 231703, 260938), you’ll receive a free Miller Classic Cloth Welding Sleeves (247148) and Miller Bandana (258440). Here’s a run down on Miller’s Classic welding helmets.

The Classic Series with a Variable Shade is Miller’s basic welding helmet that has two arc sensors and a magnifying glass holder. You can perform basic welding projects with this helmet and protect your skin from sparks and flashes. With this helmet and some welding sleeves, you’ll just need to pick up some welding gloves in order to get started.

Miller Classic Series with Fixed Shade #10 offers a little more versatility by offering #10 shade and #3 shade options for applications that range from MIG or stick welding to low amperage TIG welding tacks. Its shade speed is faster than the Variable Shade model and it’s solar-powered, ensuring that you won’t ever run out of battery unless we run out of sun.

If you’ve ever had a hard time keeping a welding helmet in place, this model offers a ratchet-style headgear system that makes it easy to control how your helmet stays in place while working.

The Miller Classic Series VSi Welding Helmet provides three arc sensors, which will be ideal for welding out of position. It also offers a 180 degree viewing shield that is ideal for grinding and cutting applications. You won’t have to take off your helmet as you move from prep work to welding work.

Your 5.88” viewing area is an ideal size for most home and hobby welding projects since you won’t need a larger field of vision like a professional working on a site with other workers and machinery.

Perhaps the biggest perk to this helmet is the X-mode option which includes sensors that pick up waves from a flash and provides enhanced protection, never missing a flash.

Miller Cutting Kits

Exclusive discount on Miller Toughcut Kits (MB54A-510 and MB54A-300)

Miller/Smith Toughcut Cutting & Welding CGA 300 Outfit – 30 Series Regulators w/ Hoses: You can save over $125 on this versatile and extensive cutting and welding kit that will give you all of the parts you need to cut or to weld with a torch system. The regulators include 1 cutting tip, welding tip, goggles, and reverse flow check valves.

Whether you need to cut metal, make repairs, or perform some prep work, this cutting outfit will do a lot more than get you started.

Miller Respirators

Free pair of filters (SA00818) with a Miller HalfMask (ML00996)

The Miller Half-Mask Respirator is a must-have if you’re cleaning or prepping metal or electrodes that could contain harmful particles that you don’t want to inhale. In fact, the P100 Filter provides 99.97% filtration of airborne particles and oil aerosols.

Respirators come in handy for a variety of purposes beyond welding work, including household renovations, removing lead paint, or dealing with insulation in the attic. Since you’ll be using your respirator so frequently, that’s all the better reason to stock up on extra filters while you can.

Miller Digital Elite Welding Helmets

50% off of a Miller Coolband II (261970) with purchase of a Miller Digital Elite Welding Helmet in Black (257213) or Inferno (257217)

Miller’s Digital Elite line of welding helmets are the ideal helmets for both serious home welders and professional welders who are welding all day and sometimes in a variety of positions. Besides saving over $70 with Baker’s current promotion, you’ll get a steep discount on a Miller Coolband II, which is an essential add-on for many welding operations where heat or warm weather can cause fatigue.

The Digital Elite welding helmet is a top of the line helmet that is light weight, durable, and easily adapted for a variety of workplaces and situations with its hard hat adaptor and cheater lens capability. With four arc sensors and X-Mode, it’s easily one of the safest welding helmets on the market.

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