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Miller QuietPulse Technology - Taking the "Buzz" out of Pulsed TIG

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Many people know that DC pulsed TIG welding can get noisy, especially in an enclosed environment. The sound created from the pulsed TIG process can be very distracting, especially if multiple units are running at once. Miller has come up with a solution to this problem. With the launch of a new feature called QuietPulse, available on Maxstar and the newest generation of Dynasty products. Watch the video below where we test out QuietPulse on a Dynasty 210 and show the difference between Pulse TIG and QuietPulse TIG.
@bakersgas QuietPulse now available on Miller Dynasty’s!💥📳 *Sound ON to hear the difference on this 210! #millerwelds #tig #seenitontiktok #weldingtiktok ♬ original sound - Bakers Gas
Miller QuietPulse
QuietPulse is activated by changing the wave shape to Sine or Triangular during DC pulse welding, creating a slower, more fluid transition between the background and peak amperage to create the least possible audible noise. When the machine is set into the Square wave form, QuietPulse technology is not active. 

If you have a Maxstar Series 210, 280, 280 Multiprocess, 400 and 800 machine, you could already have this feature. If your serial number is higher than ND040985L, your machine has the feature and just needs a software update. If you have Dynasty 210, 300, or 300 Multiprocess made after July of 2022, then your machine also has the feature but needs updated.

If you have a Maxstar prior to the serial number above, you can upgrade your machine with the expansion card (301790).

Pulsed TIG Advantages

There are many advantages to having a machine capable of Pulsed TIG. Pulsed TIG allows you to have reduced heat input, better arc performance, less metal distortion, and makes it easier to get quality results. 

It works by alternating between high and low currents. By alternating instead of just remaining at one constant high current, the heat input is reduced. Which allows pulsed TIG to be better for thinner materials or people who are new to TIG welding. See more of the advantages below. The below image is from millerwelds.com.

Pulsed TIG advantages

 When using pulsed TIG, if your pulses per second are between 1-10, it is ideal for creating a "ripple affect" and the pulses can also be used to time when you should add more filler metal. When using pulsed TIG at 100+ pulses per second, you can increase your travel speed and weld penetration. High speed pulsing is also the ideal setting for thinner or heat sensitive materials like stainless. 

Stay tuned for a full video review of QuietPulse coming soon!

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If you have any questions on QuietPulse or the machines it is used on, reach out to our support team. Support can be reached at 877-930-5690 or by emailing us at support@bakersgas.com.

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