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Miller Fusion 185 - The New Standard in Miller Engine Drives

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Miller Electric has just released their newest Engine Driven Welder, the Fusion 185. This machine has all of the features you expect from a Miller engine drive, plus some new game changing features. Keep reading to find out more about the Fusion 185



 Under a continuous load of 3,000 watts of generator power, the Fusion 185 will run for about 7.5 hours. The machine has a 13.4 horsepower Kohler CH440 engine in it, with a fuel capacity of 6.5 gallons. That makes this machine capable of pushing 6500 peak watts with a continuous rating of 6200 watts.

Fusion 185

Power Tool Wattage Guide

Take a look at the chart Miller provided for this machine. This should give you an idea of what tools you will be capable of running. 

Power Tool Wattage Guide 

 How is it different from the Blue Star 185?

The Fusion 185 is basically the Blue Star 185 but updated with some new features. The Blue Star 185 has proven itself to be a very popular and reliable machine, so we expect the Fusion 185 to be the same.

The duty cycle and peak power of 6500 watts is the same on both machines, but the Fusion 185 has some distinct advantages. The Fusion 185 packs the same punch and comes in 54 pounds lighter than the Blue Star 185! 

Comes with Miller True Blue 3 year warranty for parts and labor. The engine would be warrantied separately through the manufacturer.

Power Shift

The final feature of the Fusion 185 is the Power Shift. Power Shift gives you the ability to shut the engine down and plug the machine in to weld. Both 120v and 240v options are on the machine so you can power up anywhere. This feature can save you quite a bit on fuel if you are in an area with access to power. This makes the machine very adaptable, and a potential alternative to an LPG option. 

Miller Fusion 185 MVP plugs
Take a look at the Fusion 185 product listing here. If you want to look at all of Millers Engine Drive options, click here.

If you have any questions about the Fusion 185 or anything else on our website fee free to reach out! Customer service can be contacted at support@bakersgas.com or by calling 877-930-5690, M-F 8-5.



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