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Miller Face Shield PAPR Review - Clean Air On Demand

Miller Face Shield PAPR

The Miller Face Shield PAPR is one of the best selling PAPR system we have on our website. This PAPR system protects the user and provides clean air, while still keeping a wide field of view. 

What's in the box?

The Face Shield PAPR comes in a carry bag that is made of high quality material with quite a few pockets to store all of your PAPR parts. Listed below are all included items.

Face Shield Head Assembly with Clear Shield
Blower Assembly
Breathing Tube and Tube Cover
Padded Belt
Comfortable Shoulder Straps

    Face Shield PAPR

    The Lithium Ion batteries that are included have a 10 hour run time on each battery. So a single battery can cover an entire work day while the other is charging. The shoulder strap and padded belt combination keep the weight off of your back for all day comfort. When it comes to the battery pack/filtration system there are 4 large buttons for easy control even when behind your back. The LCD display on the unit will show you the fan level, battery level, and the life left on your filter. The filter has 3 separate parts. The spark guard, pre-filter, and the main filter itself. This provides maximum protection for the user and keeps large particles or sparks from entering the main filter. The fan has levels of speeds, Low: 175+ Ipm Med: 195+ Ipm High: 215 Ipm (lpm = Liters Per Minute).

    Miller Face Shield PAPR

    Under the hood there are 4 areas where the air will flow from. There are two vents up top and two down below. As Andrew describes in the video it is almost like an air conditioner for your head. There is a switch on the side that locks down your lens into place. To swap your lens just unlock it and pop a new one in. 

    Pros & Cons

    Pros: Light and comfortable, clear and wide peripheral view, easy to hear and talk to others, 2 batteries included, Nice storage bag and warranty.

    Cons: Battery life could be longer (although there are 2 so you can swap), more expensive than a respirator, need to special order replacement parts.

    If you are grinding, polishing, or just in a harmful environment, this is a fantastic option to stay protected. The positive air pressure within the helmet keeps particulates away from the user. If you have any questions on this PAPR or any of our PAPR systems reach out to our support team. Support can be reached at 877-930-5690 or by emailing support@bakersgas.com

    Evan H.


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