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MIG Welding Applications

MIG Welding

As a replacement for the archaic stick welding method, MIG welding is without a doubt one of the most efficient welding forms in the industry, and it happens to be an acronym for Metal Inert Gas. The arc is struck between the tip of the wire as it emerges from the torch, and during this process a shielding gas will be emitted in the interest of preventing oxidation. Most MIG welding sets provide a setting that permits the wire speed to match the voltage, and one of the biggest benefits is the ease of use.

The most common application of MIG welding is automotive repair, and such repairs can be carried out on a number of different vehicles whether they be large, small, light, or heavy. One clear and widely noted benefit is the fact that the MIG welding process is more than capable of proving a strong weld even down to 0.5mm. This provides a level of strength and versatility previously unseen and unheard of in the automotive industry, and it certainly opens up a number of new possibilities.

In addition to providing a superior welding experience it has been noted that the most expensive of the MIG welding components is actually the welding unit itself, which opens up an entirely new possibility. On assembly lines MIG welding can be easily incorporated into robotics, which certainly speeds up the process.

In the event you need to weld pipe joints, there are companies that create MIG welding apparatuses particularly the creation of pipe welds. You will certainly want to look into this with the understanding that it is more economical to use a track based robotic welding system than it is to actually man the assembly line.

MIG welding can be used to institute hard facing, or it can even be used to reinforce the surface of a worn out railroad track. It can be difficult to join metals of different types, but by choosing the right filler wire you can actually achieve it over time.

MIG welding is a huge improvement over some of the previous techniques, and the movement from spray transfer to pulse transfer has helped every industry greatly. In the beginning MIG welding was a bit more expensive and generally unavailable. This however was a restriction placed on MIG welding due to the cost of the gas, and over time companies began creating ways in which one might use carbon dioxide as a substitute.

MIG welding will help contribute to the creation of automobiles, the building of bridges, and even more importantly, a more efficient way to weld. Spools can be purchased in bulk, and while it will of course cost a bit, it will still be considerably cheaper than any other welding technique.

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