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Micro Resistance Welding

Welding is a field that continues to see growth and this growth has led to the discovery of micro resistance welding.  This welding process involves a thermal procedure where two parts are joined by heating them to their melting point and connecting them, when done properly this process produces one joined piece.  This welding process is similar to other forms of thermal welding, with some key differences.  The first difference is the size of the pieces that are being joined; in micro resistance welding the process uses small units which consist of the welder, the weld head and the micro electrodes needed to complete the process.

To perform a micro resistance weld, the two parts being joined must be placed on top of each other above a copper alloy electrode.  A second electrode is then brought down using either a foot pedal or a pneumatic system which then compresses the two pieces together.  Once the two pieces have been squeezed together, they are then exposed to a high electrical current which passes through the electrodes and through the pieces at the precise intersect area.  Once the current has been turned off, the heated weld area cools rapidly and solidifies to create a weld between the two pieces.

The uses of micro resistance welding have many applications in almost all areas of manufacturing, from electronics, automotive, aerospace and medical devices.  When used in the production of electronics, micro resistance welding is used to quickly weld small wires to each other or to other parts such as PCB pads.  It is also used in the automotive industry for the production of lighting assemblies, sensors, airbag systems and in ignition controls.  It is popular in aerospace technologies because of its ability to weld missile components, chaff, model fabrication and detonators.  As these fields continue to grow so will the ways in which they use micro resistance welding. 

Micro resistance welding is a field that will grow as advances in technology continue to be made.  Micro resistance welding is a specialized field that requires experience in controlling the welding machine to achieve successful welds on such small items.  Micro resistance welding continues to grow in popularity due to its ability to create fast, strong and clean welds.  It produces minimal fumes and is not nearly as expensive to perform as other types of welds.  These benefits are sure to make micro resistance welding more popular among manufacturing industries.




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