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Marketing Yourself as a Freelance Welder

Digital Marketing

Opportunities to work as a freelance welder have become more abundant, but there is also more competition. Setting yourself apart with strategic marketing communications, promotional items, quality logo items, and a service-oriented strategy, will secure you more jobs and jobs of higher quality. With a little time and the willingness to learn a few new tricks, you'll be marketing yourself effectively ‚Äď online and off.

Marketing Offline

As a freelancer, you are your brand. It is important to present the image that you want associated with you. It is essential to set yourself apart from others. Highlight what makes you special. Put together a list of elements that best defines you as welder. Then choose colors and possibly a logo that you'd like associated with your business. A catchy tagline and business name are helpful.

There is no need to make a whole cache of marketing materials, but a business card is crucial. Go to your local printer, design shop, or use an online tool to create a simple, yet memorable business card. Carry them with you at all times. Look for networking opportunities.

Marketing Online

Don't stop reading here! Marketing online can be easier than you think. A simple website can be created from a template. If even that is intimidating, there are other options. The key to business is relationships. Sites like LinkedIn are a prime place to showcase your resume and easily connect to your acquaintances and their colleagues. You'll have the opportunity to prove yourself a subject matter expert by answering welding related questions and joining groups related to your industry.

Even commenting on posts here on weldmyworld.com and similar forums will get you in front of industry leaders. Go to Gravatar to get a globally recognized avatar. Every time you comment on a blog with your email address your picture or logo and a link to your website or professional profile will appear.

Protecting Yourself as a Freelancer

As freelance contractors have become more common so have scams. To keep yourself safe follow these tips: Don't pay for a job. Of course you'll want to get listed in directories and some websites may require a membership fee, but you should never have to pay for a contract. In fact it is wise to require an advance or milestone payment, especially when working with a new company. Make sure every contract is well detailed. Get the name of a responsible person and physical mailing address to follow up on any non-payment. Further protect yourself by applying for an Employer Identification Number from the IRS. With this number you no longer have to give out your social security number when filling out paperwork for tax purposes. Don't give out your bank information, send overpayment back to an employer, or wire money for an employer.




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