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Lowest Prices on Welding Helmets by SpeedGlas

Lowest Prices on Welding Helmets by SpeedGlas

Speedglas welding helmets are some of the most comfortable helmets on the market, and this month Baker’s Gas and Welding is offering huge discounts on
SpeedGlas welding helmets, making this the best time to pick up a high quality welding helmet on sale. If you aren’t sure about which welding helmet is for you, let’s take a look at some features that you’ll find in SpeedGlas welding helmets, particularly the features that set them apart:

Welder Comfort for Welding Helmets

A heavy welding helmet can cause significant neck strain over time and harm the longevity of a welder’s career, let alone limiting what he/she can do outside of work. If you’re welding all day, a SpeedGlas helmet is worth considering because it’s been designed with the comfort of welders in mind.

All SpeedGlas helmets are 20 oz. or lighter, making them ideal for a long day at work. In addition, they are designed to hold fast in a variety of positions so that you can flip up your helmet and know that it will stay there instead of drifting down. This will keep your hands free and save you from the frustration of dealing with a helmet that has a mind of its own.

SpeedGlas helmets have also been designed for extreme heat situations that welders can face. If high temperatures are a concern at your welding site, a SpeedGlas welding helmet is well worth considering because it provides the best ventilation and comfort when your job site is hot.

CSA Z-94.3 Safety Standards for Welding Helmets

Safety is usually one of the first things to go in the cheaper, off brand helmets that you can pick up online. SpeedGlas welding helmets have been tested according to the rigorous CSA Z-94.3 standards that are benchmarks for all industry helmets.

High Visibility Options for Welding Helmets

Some of the largest viewing areas can be found on the various SpeedGlas welding helmets. The premium helmets offer square inch viewing areas that range between 8 inches all the way up to nearly 12 square inches. If you’re constantly annoyed by how small your current welding helmet’s viewing area is, then it’s time to try out a SpeedGlas premium model such as the 9100 X or the 9100 XX.

Optional side window viewing areas are a patented design feature that use shade 5 filters in order to give welders peripheral viewing options if they need to be more aware of all that’s going on at a job site. If a side window would prove too distracting, you can add a panel that will cover up these windows. This optional feature is just another unique aspect that makes SpeedGlas an important helmet to consider on the market.

Clear Visibility and Fresh Air

Wearing a welding helmet for an extended period of time can take its toll on the quality of the air you’re breathing in. The tighter a helmet fits, the more likely the air will seem stale. In addition, moisture can become trapped inside your helmet, causing fogging that limits your visibility.

By using a patented SpeedGlas welding helmet, you’ll have clear visibility and fresh air because of the way the viewing panels snap snugly into place and because of the exhaust vents that make it easy for exhaled air to exit the helmet.

Arc Sensors for Welding Helmets

The less expensive welding helmets have two arc sensors, which are adequate for most straightforward welding jobs. However, if you are welding out of position, additional arc sensors will provide added safety while you work. The SpeedGlas entry level models have two arc sensors, while every other SpeedGlas helmet model currently offers three.

Shade Options and Cutting Modes

Much like the arc sensors, you’ll get more shade options the more you spend on your helmet. Basic SpeedGlas helmets start with shades 8-12, but then the more advanced models offer shades 5, 8, and 13. Some models also include the very convenient “cutting mode,” which allows you to cut or grind while wearing your helmet. This creates a faster work flow, while also providing superior protection.

Neck Safety

Neck safety is an easy to overlook feature in welding helmets, but anything from sparks, slag, or UV rays can cause serious burns on your neck. SpeedGlas helmets aren’t just designed to be comfortable and breathable—they also provide excellent coverage of your neck and have attachment spaces designed to hold attachments that will protect your neck. Sometimes successful welding is all about attention to details, and this added safety and comfort for your neck is just one of the features that help set this helmet apart.

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