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Lincoln Viking Welding Helmet Reviews and Sale

When many welders think of Lincoln, they often picture Lincoln’s reliable, iconic stick welders that made Lincoln one of the top names in the welding industry. However, there are many other high quality products made by Lincoln that are must-haves for a home welding shop or at a fabrication business because they regularly receive rave reviews from users. If there’s one piece of welding equipment or welding supply that is essential, it certainly is a high quality welding helmet, and this month Baker’s has you covered with free shipping on select helmets by Lincoln, especially the Lincoln Viking Welding Helmets.


Lincoln Welding Helmets

Lincoln’s Viking line of welding helmets has become one of the most popular products of late. They’re recognized for their comfort, safety, durability, and affordable price—a mix of benefits that are tough to beat in a competitive welding helmet market. While other leading welding brands have comparable helmets, the Lincoln Viking helmets tend to be less expensive and receive more feedback from users.

Reviews of Lincoln Welding Helmets

In fact, the enthusiasm of reviewers is one of the most striking aspects of the Viking Welding helmet. Here are a few reviews of the Viking 3350 Welding Helmet by Lincoln from the Baker’s Gas and Welding Lincoln 3350 (LINK3034-1) Product Page:

Review #1

“I use this helmet for stick, mig and tig… good price and light weight. I’ve gone through lots of helmets in the last 20 years, this one is among the top ten.”

Review #2

“I like the 2 position switch between the shades. For instance. The darkening positions for 6-9 and 9-13 so when you are welding on say a #10 shade you can flip the switch and now its a #7 for cutting. Only need one helmet/goggles for 2 different task.”

Review #3

“The first thing I noticed about this helmet was its weight. It hardly feels like you’re wearing anything.

The view size is incredible. Having an unrestricted view of the weld area makes life easy; but this feature also stands out when using it for grinding or chipping.

All settings are variable, need to darken or lighten slightly? Check

Want a long delay on the shade, or have it shut off instantly? Maybe somewhere in between? Check

Variable sensitivity? Check

My only problem: it would’ve been nice to have a hard hat adapter included.”

Review #4

“Good value when they price match. The helmet quality is good for the average welder or hobbyist the cheater lens capability is nice option but the lens could be larger. The lens shade is nice and low when not welding far superior to my older arc one helmet.”

Features of the Lincoln Viking Welding Helmet

The Viking Welding Helmet has been a favorite among welders because it offers tremendous value with its low price tag, offering four sensors, while some other helmets offer fewer sensors and heftier price tags. Four sensors are essential for safely welding without the risk of being flashed.

And it’s a good thing you don’t have to worry about being flashed, since the Viking viewing area is 3.74” by 3.34”, making it one of the largest viewing areas among welding helmets. The shades can be switched from 6-13, with  an additional grinding mode so that you never have to remove your helmet while working, saving you on time and additional welding equipment expenses.

Another great feature of the Lincoln Viking helmet is its light weight, coming in at 20 oz, meaning you’ll have less neck strain while you work. The Viking helmet also stays in place when you flip it up, a feature that may not seem important now but will be essential for anyone working in a welding shop all day.

Lastly, the Viking welding helmet combines solar power with battery power, meaning you’ll always have it charged up when you’re ready to start welding.

There are plenty of other popular Lincoln products on sale with free shipping during the month of July at Baker’s Gas and Welding. From welding wire to TIG welders, now is the time to find some great deals on welding equipment and supplies.

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