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Lincoln Viking 3350 4C Top Welding Helmet?

Lincoln Viking 3350 4C Top Welding Helmet?

One of the most popular welding helmet lines on the market is still the Viking. It is 2021 and there are so many helmets to choose from, but the Viking is a classic that keeps getting better. Last year Lincoln gave the helmet line a refresh. They added the fourth generation to the Viking 3350. Now that it has been out for over a year, we can give an update. Yes, the Viking 3350 is still a hyped up hood and one of the best-selling helmets.  The K3034-4 black Viking is an incredible value and high performance helmet.

Viking 3350 Matte Black

This model comes with significant upgrades compared to the previous model. The price point on this helmet is a big deal. Don't let the $219 current price point fool you. It is a lot of helmet!  Why do people pick this helmet? We are going to break down what you can expect from the current Viking 3350 line.

A More Productive Welding Helmet

Easily switch between welding and grinding by holding down the external grind button for 3 seconds. No need to completely remove the helmet or take off your gloves to go into grind mode. 

The Viking 3350 comes with an exclusive Sunlight Differentiation feature integrated into each mode of the helmet. You can keep welding at your selected shade, 5-13, and the Sunlight Differentiation technology will tell the difference between the glow of the arc and the glow of the sun. This keeps the helmet from going dark from simply sunlight. 

As with other Viking models, the new 3350 is also hard hat compatible. Popular work option for our customers who are required to wear hard hats in their work area. 

A Better View for Welding Work

The 4C lens has 1/1/1/1 rating. This means enhanced optical clarity and minimized green tint that can obscure the view of weld. The four c's stand for clarity, cut, color and carat. Below is a view through the lens showing the crisp, clear, and large view of the weld. The rating that everyone is confused about is the cut or angular dependancy. It basically means shades are consistent from any angle, offering a more consistent view of your welding work regardless of your position. 

View through 4C

Much to our surprise Lincoln kept the traditional analog knobs to change the settings and shades on the inside of the helmet. Not a bad thing, just more traditional as we see many of the other top helmets using digital options. In the above photo you can see the knobs where you make adjustments.

The 12.5 inch viewing area puts it among the largest viewing areas in the welding helmet market. Large view but still super lightweight for all day comfort. 

Improved Welding Comfort with New Headgear

In addition to the lighter weight of the new Viking 3350, the new and improved X6 Headgear is easy to adjust forward and backwards for the optimal fit in any setting, even welding out of position. The form fitting top head support evenly distributes the weight of the helmet so that no single point receives significant strain. 

Each contact point of the headgear is larger than the previous model and offers a snug, comfortable fit right out of the box. The headband rotates for additional positioning options. The locking point is also higher up for improved visibility around the workspace, including for points that are above where welders are standing. We like that when all the way up it does lock in place.

X6 Headgear from Lincoln

Keep in mind this headgear can be added to any Lincoln helmet. So if you have an older model check out our refresh bundle.

Weighing in at 21 oz., the new Viking 3350 keeps the weight and strain from contact points to the bare minimum. 

Some Subtle Changes to the Viking 3350

Welders will also notice that the new Viking has longer battery life than previous models due to its improved ADF circuitry, which makes the battery more efficient and helps welders finish their work with fewer stops for charging. 

The new matte finish replaces the gloss finish of the previous Viking helmet model, offering a sharp appearance with minimal glare. Also the physical box is a little bigger as the headgear is a little larger than the previous. Another small add on is the Viking 3350 name on the side of the shell on the black version.

Keeping What Works from the Last Model

Each Viking welding helmet comes with a bandana, sticker sheet, 5 outside lenses, and 2 inside lenses, and you’ll notice that those replacement lenses are the exact same ones as previous Viking models. So upgrading your helmet doesn’t mean you need to sell off your old accessories. For welders working for longer stretches, we especially recommend picking up some extra outside lenses, replacement sweatbands, and welding gloves. 

Beyond black Lincoln has a ton of graphic options! If you are having a hard time selecting keep in mind the shells are sold separately now so you could add a new shell down the road. A few new popular graphics launched last year include the Dare Devil and Medieval. 

Get the Best Viking Welding Helmet

Check out a detailed video review, the full spec sheet, and every add-on available for the new Viking 3350 4C welding helmet at Baker’s Gas and Welding. Online chat support is available, and shipping is free on orders over $50 in the U.S. You’ll find the best prices on welding gloves, safety gear, welding supplies, accessories, and welding machines at Bakers! Plus we actually use the products and take the time to review to help make your online shopping experience easier. 

Learn more about the Viking 3350 Welding Helmet Today

We don't have word on a fifth generation yet, but we do know that the Lincoln Electric safety line is expanding. New products are launching monthly! Also the other Viking helmets are getting enhanced too. Be sure to follow us on Instagram to stay up to date on the new gear! Maybe even a few giveaways coming up! 

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