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Lincoln Upgrades the Viking Welding Helmet

Lincoln Upgrades the Viking Welding Helmet

The 2450D Digital Viking welding helmet is among the best values in auto-darkening welding helmets, providing superior protection with all of the features welders are looking for at an affordable price. This helmet is the latest version of the popular Viking welding helmet and provides additional features and a rugged design that makes this helmet a long-lasting investment for professional and hobby welders.

At the time of publication for this post, Baker’s Gas and Welding is offering the 2450D Digital Viking welding helmet from Lincoln Electric for $225, slashing $63 from its regular retail price and offering a 3-year warranty. If you’re not sure whether this is the best helmet for you, here are some specs to consider:

The LCD Screen Interface

The intuitive LCD screen on the 2450D provides a series of options that are protected from welding sparks and easily controlled while wearing welding gloves. You can easily switch between welding, cutting, and grinding modes while you work

Your shades will switch within a complete spectrum of 4-13, providing the sensitivity and delay you require for your welding projects. The LCD screen visible inside your helmet will provide status information you need to know while you work.

Lincoln Welding Helmet Viewing Area

The 2450D has a viewing area width that is comparable to many other helmets on the market, providing a 3.82” by 2.44” viewing area. While the first concern of a welding helmet is to provide protection for welders, a wide viewing area is essential for successfully completing a welding project.

Protect Yourself from Flashes with 4 Arc Sensors

A flash is one of the worst experiences for a welder than can take you out of commission for a whole day and possibly even do permanent damage to your eyes, to say nothing of how much it could hurt in the first place. The more arc sensors you have, the less likely you’ll be flashed. Four arc sensors make it easier to weld out of position safely.

Replaceable Batteries for Longer Helmet Usage

You don’t have to worry about your helmet losing power since it comes with two replaceable CR2450 lithium batteries and solar power that will keep them charged up. You can keep back up batteries on hand, but these particular lithium batteries should last for quite some time.

Adapt Your Welding Helmet for Each Project

Depending on your project, you can swivel or adapt your Lincoln 2450D welding helmet to match your project. For instance, you can add a cheater lens to magnify a particularly small welding seam that you’re working on. You can also add a hard hat if you’re working on a construction site.

Each addition to the 2450D is an additional cost, but the original features that come standard with the helmet provide a solid foundation for welders to begin with.

Welding Helmet Weight

The 2450D weighs in at a competitive 21 ounces for a welding helmet with such a wide variety of options. You can wear this helmet all day without straining your neck. While there may be a few slightly lighter helmets on the market, they rarely offer the same range of options for welders.

Welding Helmet Shade Switching Speed

Less expensive welding helmets switch shades at 1/10,000 a second, but the 2450D from Lincoln minimizes your exposure to the welding arc by engaging the shades at a speedy 1/25,000, which is virtually an industry standard among top of the line welding helmets for both professional and hobby welders.

Learn More Today about Welding Helmets

Check out more details for the 2450D Viking Welding Helmet or compare it to other welding helmets today at Baker’s Gas and Welding.

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