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Lincoln PowerMig 256

Lincoln PowerMig 256

The Lincoln Power MIG 256 offers the power of a light industrial welding and fabrication machine at an affordable price. The Lincoln Power MIG 256 offers standard and flux-cored welding options and a wide amperage range for a variety of welding projects. Here’s a look at how this machine can be a game changer for welders. 

Who Needs a Lincoln Power MIG 256 Welder? 

Farmers, fabricators, automotive shop welders, or weekend welding hobbyists will all benefit from this sturdy and versatile machine. This is a large, 220 pound machine that is moved around on wheels in your shop. So it’s going to be ideal for a welder who has a shop or garage with a bit of space to spare. 

What the Power MIG 256 Includes

Each Power MIG 256 includes a Magnum  PRO 250L Gun, a MAXTRAC Cast Aluminum Industrial Wire Drive,  Diamond Core Technology™, a Gas Regulator and Hose Kit, a work clamp and 10 ft. cable, and a top Mounted Storage and Easy-Load Cylinder Platform. You’ll have the essential pieces of your welding machine on hand right out of the box. 

The Advantages of Welding with the Lincoln Power MIG 256

Lincoln’s top of the line MIG welders include the forgiving arc of its Diamond Core Technology, which provides a forgiving arc that makes for excellent out-of-position arc stability and low spatter along the bead. The voltage is forgiving and easy to set depending on your wire feed speed when you’re working with steel, stainless steel or aluminum.

Weld smoother and more accurately with the Maxtrac cast aluminum industrial wire drive that offers dual driven rolls, regulated wire feed speed control, brass-to-brass connections and Lincoln’s 100% wire supporting split wire guide system. You’ll have a steady output of wire right into your weld puddle without jams. 

Setting up your voltage and wire speed is a snap with the Power MIG’s digital meters. In addition, you’ll see a display of your actual voltage to ensure that you’re welding in the right sweet spot. With larger contact tips, you’ll improve the heat dissipation while welding and prolong the life of your tips. 

Learn More about the Lincoln Power MIG 256

Welders and fabricators will find the power and precision they need for large and small welding projects in the Lincoln Power MIG 256, and the current rebate offer from Lincoln only adds to the great value and efficiency of the latest MIG welder from one of the most trusted names in the welding industry. Stop by Baker’s Gas and Welding today for the best deals on welding helmet, welding supplies, and welding safety gear.

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Regular price $4,575.00 USD
Sale price $4,575.00 USD
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