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Lincoln POWERMIG 211 vs. Miller Millermatic 211 - What should you choose?

Lincoln 211 vs Miller 211

Power & Performance

The Lincoln POWERMIG 211 operates on 120V or 230V input power, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. The POWERMIG can weld up to 3/8 in. when it is plugged into 230v and will weld 3/16 in. at 110V. If you are a hobby welder or on a farm doing repairs, this welder should cover almost everything you throw at it.  

Similar to the POWERMIG 211, the Miller Millermatic 211 also operates on 120V or 240V input power, making it adaptable to different power sources. The Millermatic 211 can weld up to 3/8 in. on a single pass. Making this machine a viable option for most welding jobs.

Both machines are really in the same ballpark when it comes to input power and welding amperage. Between the two we can't say one would weld thicker than the other, both would max out around 3/8 in. and you could always push it a bit further with multiple passes. The duty cycles on both machines are comparable as well, the Lincoln 211 comes in at 175A/22.75V with a 30% duty cycle. The Miller 211 is rated at 150A/21.5V with a 40% duty cycle. 

Portability & Features

Miller 211 vs Lincoln 211

The POWERMIG 211 and Millermatic 211 both have a very similar form factor and shape. Both have ergonomic handles on the top, front, and back so they will be relatively the same to move around and transport. The Lincoln 211 comes in at 41 pounds and the Miller 211 comes in at 42 pounds. 

The Millermatic 211 and POWERMIG 211 both have desirable features. The Lincoln has a two small screens to show your wire feed speed and voltage. Whereas the Miller has two knobs and no screen. Miller makes up for this by having Auto-Set. This feature allows you to easily set the ideal parameters for many different wire and gas combinations, eliminating the guess work.

The POWERMIG 211 has its own version of the feature just slightly different. You select your process, the diameter of your wire, and the thickness of the material you are welding then the machine adjusts the wire feed speed and amperage from those parameters. 

There are a few more features that are not mentioned here. For a full detailed breakdown watch the Youtube video review above.


Miller/Lincoln 211 warranty

Both of these welders are backed by a 3 year parts and labor warranty. If you run into a problem with either machine in the first 3 years the manufacturer will fix it up and cover all material and labor. The lead time on a repair is totally dependent on your local service center so we cannot say that one warranty has shown to be better or faster than the other. 


Overall, we cannot say with 100% certainty that one machine is better than the other. It comes down to what features you value in a machine. The Lincoln 211 is made in Mexico, whereas the Miller is made in The United States. The Miller 211 has also been on the market much longer and has proven itself to be a reliable, whereas the Lincoln is on its first year in the market and yet to prove reliable over the years. Finally, the last thing to consider is that Miller has Fan on Demand and Smooth Start features. Those features alone are not ground breaking but certainly can make for a more pleasant MIG experience.

If you have any questions regarding either machine, reach out to our support team. We will be happy to help find the right machine for you. Our support team can be reached at support@bakersgas.com or by calling 877-930-5690.

Evan H.

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