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Your Lincoln Viking Helmet Guide: The Ultimate Protection For Welders

Lincoln Electric Welding Helmets

Useful features and reliable technology make the Lincoln Viking welding helmet lineup a staple in the welding world. All helmets feature a 4C clarity rating from the top of the line all the way to the more budget-friendly models. Keep reading below to learn more about each Viking helmet in the Lincoln Electric lineup.

Viking 3350 Matte Black 

Viking 3350
The Viking 3350 is the #1 selling welding helmet at Baker's Gas. The 3350 is so popular because it is the perfect balance of what most welders are looking for. The size of the auto darkening filter (ADF) and the grind button, along with the very comfortable X6 headgear, make this helmet perfect for most welders. Available in a ton of graphics, the matte black is one of our personal favorites. Lincoln has just released the Viking 3350 5th Gen. This helmet comes with a digital interface, integrated light, and bluetooth phone connection capabilities. Watch the second video below to learn more about the 5th Generation Viking! 
  • Viewing Area: 12.5 Sq. In. (11.8 on Gen 5)
  • Headgear: X6
  • Weight: 21 oz. (25 oz. on Gen 5)
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    Lincoln Viking 2450

    Viking 2450 - 2450 ADV

    The Viking 2450 and 2450 ADV share nearly all of the great features as the Viking 3350. While the 2450 has a grind button and X6 headgear like the 3350, the main difference is the smaller ADF size and the integrated light on the Lincoln Viking 2450 ADV. The 2450 is typically around $50 cheaper than the 3350, making it a wonderful option for a welder that does not need the larger ADF.

  • Viewing Area: 9.3 Sq. in.
  • Headgear: X6
  • Weight: 22 oz. (24 .oz with ADV)
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    Viking 1840

    Lincoln Viking 1840

    The Viking 1840 is the start of the mid-range Lincoln Viking offerings. A great helmet for a student or hobbyist welder, the 1840 offers 4C technology with a generous viewing area. This welding helmet still has the external grind button feature and is equipped with the Pivot headgear system. It can be found for about $90 cheaper than the 2450 while still having many useful features.

  • Viewing Area: 7 Sq. in.
  • Headgear: Pivot Headgear
  • Weight: 19.5 
  • Viking 1740

    Lincoln Viking 1740

    The Viking 1740 is the most budget-friendly Lincoln Viking helmet in the lineup. This welding helmet sells for around $115 (Q4, 22'), well-priced for beginners and hobbyists. While it lacks an external grind button, this helmet still has the 4C technology and a decently sized viewing area. Plus, it will keep you protected and comfortable for shorter welding sessions. If you're welding all day, Baker's would recommend getting a helmet with the X6 or Pivot headgear. 

  • Viewing Area: 6.3 Sq. in.
  • Headgear: Ratchet Style
  • Weight: 18.6 oz.
  • 3250 FGS

    Lincoln Viking 3250D FGS

    The Viking 3250D FGS is the most premium and industrial helmet Lincoln offers. This helmet comes with Lincoln's most advanced headgear, as well as an integrated FR head covering. In addition to the 12.5 inch viewing area, there are shade 5 windows on either side of the ADF for an expanded viewing area. The welding helmet is hard hat compatible and also offered as a PAPR unit.

  • Viewing Area: 12.5 Sq. in.
  • Headgear: FGS
  • Weight: 28 oz.
  • Final Recommendations

    As you can see, the Lincoln Viking welding helmet family is packed with great helmets - from budget friendly and practical all the way to heavy industry compliant. The Viking family also offers some of the best graphics in the welding world, with over 30 options. The 4C lens technology makes the weld colors look more true to life and removes the green tint. We at Baker's Gas believe that the 3350 is the best bang for your buck for this line of welding helmets. The large ADF, graphic options, and X6 headgear make this helmet appealing to everyday and hobbyist welders.

    Shop these best selling Lincoln helmets now! Plus, Lincoln Electric has launched some great gear and accessories, we're impressed with the quality and options available. Check out the full Lincoln Electric lineup and stay tuned for our full gear and jacket guide coming soon!

    Viking 4C Technology

    Evan H.


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