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Lincoln Electric’s New Welders: The Ranger 330MPX and the Power MIG 140C

Lincoln Ranger 330MPX Welder Stick Welding

There are two new Lincoln Electric welders that have hit the market that open up exciting new possibilities for both experienced and beginner welders. Here’s a closer look at what each machine offers and how you can take advantage of some great savings.

The Lincoln Ranger 330MPX welder/generator offers a truckload of smart, innovative features combined with a lighter weight and quieter operation for a multiprocess welder/generator. On the other end of the spectrum, the extremely light and versatile Lincoln Power MIG 140C gives you multi-process welding capability anywhere you can haul this light, 58 pound welder.

Portable Welding with the Lincoln Electric Ranger 330MPX

The new Ranger is designed to operate with 60% less noise and to weigh less by 20%, making it easier to carry to job sites and easier on your ears. Less noise doesn’t mean less power, and you’ll even be able to weld with clean AC power off the generator that keeps tools working with 10 kW of continuous power.

The newly redesigned interface is intuitive and easy to use with its digital display and full suite of smart features that optimize your output. Welders can keep track of their maintenance schedule by accessing the maintenance screen for an accurate record of engine hours.

Save on cables by using the remote control settings so that you can select your remote settings without using an extra cable. In the case of supervisors managing multiple machines for set tasks, the Ranger can be set to password protection lock in order to protect settings and modes for repeated processes.

With a full range of processes that include Stick, MIG, TIG, Flux-Cored, and Gouging, the Ranger promises a full range of power and specialized settings, offering 330A/28V for 100% duty cycle to weld a ÂĽ in. 7018 electrode.

Downhill pipe welding, touch-start pulse TIG, and pulse spool gun settings are all offered as engine driven modes. It’s no trouble to get started on your welds with the hot start feature. If you’re working on a MIG welding project, the Ranger has a The Magnum PRO 250 LX GT Spool Gun that directly connects to the machine without additional accessories required.

Learn more about the Lincoln Electric Ranger 330 MPX Welder/Generator

Lincoln POWER MIG 140C MIG Welder

Lincoln’s Power MIG 140C  welder weighs 34 pounds and connects to standard 120V power and runs MIG and Flux-Cored. MIG welding 30-140 amps DC, 50-500 ipm WFS, Max OCV 33. 

Easy set up to tackle home projects and repair, sheet metal auto-body work and small shop welding. New features that makes this machine a big bang for your buck:

  • Diamond Core Technology
  • Industrial Cast Aluminum Drive
  • No Hassle Tool-less Design
  • Spool Gun ready
  • Toughest PC Board protection in the industry

While this is a light-weight machine, it has heavy duty components that are durable and easy to use. There are fast tool-less drive roll changeovers and the gun uses a highly conductive brass to brass connection.

Best of all, this sturdy MIG machine from Lincoln is among the most affordable machines on the market. If you need a simple but versatile machine for your home shop or workplace, be sure to check out the specs at Baker’s Gas and Welding.

Learn more about the Lincoln Power MIG 140

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