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Lincoln Electric Host's Global Welding Competition in Ohio - WorldSkills 2022

WorldSkills 2022

Lincoln Electric is hosting the international WorldSkills welding competition. This competition is put together to show talented welders from all across the world. It also serves as an event to share knowledge and meet people you normally would never have the opportunity to meet. 

Not only is there a competition, but there is also an area for people to "try a skill". This will be an area where you can try your hand at welding and the many different processes available. Lincoln Electric is also offering a guided tour of their manufacturing facility in Cleveland. If you are a fan of red welders, this event is the one for you. General admission for this event will be from Oct 17 – Oct 21, 9:30am – 4:00pm ET. 

The Competition 

There are two different competitions that will be taking place. The Welding Competition and the Construction Metal Work competition. The welding competition will be joining various different metals through the different processes. Some of the competitors for the Welding portion of the competition are below. 

WorldSkill Competitors

The Construction Metal Work portion of the competition will be cutting, assembling, and repairing steel structures with a variety of materials. Take a look at the competitors for this year below.

There is also an educational summit that will be held at the event. "Experts from around the world will discuss the need for workforce development, skills training, and the role that skills organizations play in the future development of the workforce."

This event at the Lincoln Electric world headquarters will be a first class event. True testament to their commitment to the welding community. Be sure to follow Lincoln Electric if you can not attend they will be posting during the event! 

Lincoln Electric Training Lab

To learn more about this event, click here. For a schedule of the event, click here.

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