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Knock Out Your TIG Projects with the Latest Miller Welders

Knock Out Your TIG Projects with the Latest Miller Welders

The Maxstar and Dynasty 280 TIG welders from Miller are two TIG welders that offer a lot of power, versatility, and portability for professional or weekend welders. If you want a reliable TIG welder with a huge upside, now is the time to pick up these industry-leading machines at a steep discount. Here’s an overview of the features you can expect to find in each machine. 

Miller Dynasty 280 DX AC/DC TIG/Stick Welder

For a portable and reliable TIG welder, the Dynasty is a top of the line TIG welder that provides everything you need to reliably TIG weld and to knock out stick welding projects in a flash.

Whether its operating on AC or DC currents, the Dynasty typically has a powerful duty cycle of 60% that allows you to weld for a long time without having to power down your machine. At lower amperages you can run it with a 100% duty cycle, which means you never have to stop welding. With a rated output of 50/60 Hz, it provides plenty of amperage for a wide variety of TIG and stick welding jobs.

In addition, you can successfully TIG weld metal that is between .004 and 3/8 of an inch and stick weld with all of the standard electrodes, including the 6010, 7018, and 7024. If you need to take the Dynasty elsewhere for a job or project, you can run it off a 12kW generator.

If you’re not sure whether this model is for you, consider factors such as the duty cycle and amperage. Do you see yourself working on small projects around the house or will you weld for longer periods of time? Do you plan on welding larger pieces of metal that need more heat for proper penetration into the weld groove?

Both machines come with optional additions that can expand your capabilities and time on task, such as a water cooler, a contractor kit with essential welding supplies, and a torch kit.

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Miller Maxstar 280 DX TIG/Stick Welder

On this welding machine you can easily switch between 1-Phase and 3-Phase TIG welding, and Miller’s simple interface will make it easy to update your settings with the latest welding software.

The Maxstar runs about $800 to $1,000 less than the Dynasty, but it still offers some pretty impressive features that will be excellent for welders working at home or in a shop. While it only runs a DC current, you can still crank it up to 235 amps at 19.4 V with a long-lasting 60% duty cycle. If you turn down the power enough, you can also run it with a 100% duty cycle.

Its capabilities for metal thickness, stick welding, and running off a generator are virtually identical to the specifications for the Dynasty, so the main question will be whether you really need to run AC on your TIG welder or not. Both machines provide a lot of punch for TIG welding and give you the versatility you need for stick welding projects, with settings that enable hot starts and prevent major jams with stuck electrodes.

Weighing in at only 47 pounds, the Maxstar enables welders to carry a lot of welding power to any job site with a convenient shoulder strap. It’s also designed to compensate for “dirty” power that may throw off your welder.

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