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Kick-Starting Your Welding Career

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If you are somewhat skilled in welding, you can kick-start your welding skills, and your career, by attending one of the accredited welding trade schools in the country.

If you ask people to list their top ten dirty jobs, chances are most of them will include welding in the list. But this conception is now a thing of the past. Welding is no longer considered a dirty job, and in fact, many people view wielding as an art. Just watch a clip of American Chopper and you will see how a plain piece of metal can be welded into some beautiful part of a classy bike.

Just like other non-traditional arts, you can make a rewarding career out of wielding. According to the latest estimates, the lowest paid welders are paid about $15 per hour, while more skilled and certified ones may demand an hourly pay rate of $25 or more, and welding is not just short term construction type work, it can very well be a long term career. The continuous need to construct new buildings or maintain existing ones. Building construction, maintenance, or renovation will always need welders because modern day buildings are built mostly of metals, and concrete. Welders are also needed to erect infrastructures like bridges, subways, towers, and a lot more. You can also go independent and lend your services to welding shops across the country, or even start your own welding business, the possibilities are endless.

For many young welders, basic welding skills are learned from spending time in their fathers' shop. To achieve guaranteed success, you need more than raw skills, you need to learn "Advanced Welding Techniques".

The Advantage of Welding Trade Schools

There are many welding skills that can only be learned through quality welding trade schools. Courses in welding schools usually include the principles of welding, arc welding, shop safety, metal chemistry, and automated welding.

The automated course is important for would-be welders because welding equipment nowadays is becoming more and more automated. Taking automated welding courses gives you a huge advantage.

Competition in today's job market is tough and many new welders find it hard to land a job. Aside from competing with other new welders, they also compete for positions against seasoned welders changing employers. The possibility of getting a rewarding entry level job for a new welder is not bleak.

Employers are not prejudiced toward only hiring welders with previous job experiences. But to make sure that you will be noticed, you should have both excellent skills and credentials, and there is no doubt about it, certifications from respected welding trade schools will put a new welder in a good position.

Shops owned by those who have graduated from welding trade schools attract more clients, because people feel more confident doing business with a certified shop made up of certified welders.

Written by Brian Chalmers

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