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Join Jimmy McKnight of Arc Junkies at Arc Fest Event at Baker’s Gas

Join Jimmy McKnight of Arc Junkies at Arc Fest Event at Baker’s Gas

Welder and podcast host Jimmy McKnight is on a mission to preserve the skill and wisdom of traditional blue collar welders through his Arc Junkies podcast. McKnight, a long time welder, invites masters in the welding field and experienced craftsmen on to his podcast, and he’ll be broadcasting live from the Baker’s Gas and Welding location in Monroe, MI for Arc Fest, Saturday September 21st, 10am-2pm, located on 905 N Dixie Hwy Monroe, MI 48162

The event will include welding demos with representatives from ESAB and Baker’s Gas and lots of grilling throughout the event. (Yes, included the hot new Rebel 205) Here are a few more details about the Arc Fest event:

The Story Behind Arc Junkies

McKnight, who resides in Detroit, MI, shared in a recent interview that he grew up in a blue collar family, and he worked alongside his father who worked as an electrician and had a job at a welding company. McKnight soon landed a job as a production MIG welder where he fell in love with the power of welding to join metal together and the experience of controlling the weld puddle to create whatever he wanted. 

However, McKnight’s first love had been radio, a dream that he had left behind for welding. When he learned about the growth of podcasting, he immersed himself in learning from videos and conferences, picking up skills that included editing the audio content himself. 

McKnight sees himself as promoting and preserving the blue collar lifestyle by sharing the skilled trades and passing along their traditions and crafts. The podcast is named Arc Junkies because it shares from a wide variety of trades that intersect with welding, inspiring listeners to create and to push through on the hard days. 

McKnight has been featured on The Welder Magazine and his podcast has included interviews with authors, welding industry executives, welding pros, and representatives from the American Welding Society. Some of his recent episodes include Justin Merrill of the Fabricator, the welding instructors from Schoolcraft College, and Stephanie Hoffman of The American Welding Society

During the Arc Fest event at Baker’s Monroe, MI location, McKnight will be hosting an episode of his Arc Junkies podcast. He’ll even answer some of your questions during the event! If you can’t be there, just leave questions in the comments below and Andrew will make sure that he and McKnight follow up on it during Arc Fest.

More About Arc Fest

In addition to McKnight, Andrew and a few others from the Baker’s team and Jon from ESAB will be present to answer your questions at the event. If you can’t be there, be sure to tune in the Arc Junkie podcast after the event to get caught up! 

Baker’s online store will also run specials all week and will include YouTube videos about the latest products on hand. If you can not make the event make sure you subscribe to Baker’s on YouTube for a post event video! There will be an exclusive promo code announced you to do not want to miss. 

If you have been thinking about a new machine or already have one and are looking for tips Arc Fest is the place to be! Live demos including the Rebel 205 multiprocess welding machine and more. ESAB demo van will be onsite with all of the latest and greatest equipment. Baker’s Gas has machines in stock, included the 205 and ready to ship or be picked up! You can check out the latest ESAB welders at Baker’s online store, including some exclusive promotions and bundle options!

If you love grilling, there will be plenty of food on hand and demonstrations of Treager Grills, the original and industry leading pellet grill on the market. Baker’s in Monroe is a distributor and will have plenty of grills on hand if you enjoy these grills as much as we do. There will be specials on Treager Grills and accessories as well as tips for “Treagering” with your own grill. Best prices of the season- guaranteed! 

You Don’t Have to Wait to Save

While you’ll have to wait for the live Arc Junkie podcast, the Treager Grills, and the ESAB demos, there are plenty of things to do in the meantime. You can subscribe to the Arc Junkies podcast, and Baker’s Gas on YouTube and Instagram! Check out the deals on ESAB welders, or stock up on the best welding safety gear at the most affordable prices at Baker’s Gas and Welding.

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