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Jobs in Offshore Welding


Offshore welding jobs are considered by some to be the best jobs for welders during these difficult economic times. Why? Because jobs in land-based careers such construction can be hard to find, and it can be difficult to go to school for extra training. There are many job openings in offshore welding on the rigs and many welders find it to be an exciting adventure as it is far from your traditional job.

There are two main kinds of welding jobs for offshore welders. One kind is done above water on the rigs and the other kind is done underwater. Above water jobs are for welders who are experienced and most employers prefer those who have AWS certifications. Underwater welders need to be both a certified welder and a licensed commercial diver.

If you already have certification as a welder, you will have no trouble finding a job on an offshore rig. Contractors often post jobs on the job boards and offshore welders make good wages. On average, an offshore welder can make about $5500 for two weeks out of 7-12 week terms. For working six months, around $66,000 is pretty standard pay. As mentioned, underwater welders have to have additional training to be both divers and welders, but this is one of the best paying careers a welder can find.

While you can make good money as an offshore welder, the conditions that you will work under are very challenging. Typically you would work 2-4 weeks then have 2-4 weeks off. This is a rotating schedule. You also would have very limited recreational options as you would be living in close quarters with others miles out to sea.

Thankfully modern day advances have made it easier to live on the rigs. Satellite phones allow you to keep in touch with loved ones at any time. The food is usually very good as many rigs have chefs of their own. Weight rooms, rec rooms, movie rooms, hot tubs, and saunas are common now on many rigs. So there is usually something to do.

To be hired, you basically have to meet the qualifications and find the people who are hiring. You can find jobs worldwide on the offshore oil rigs, which is perfect for those looking for an adventure.

Dylan Brown


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