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It's SAVAGE ... Classic, quality, economy ....PAPR by ESAB

It's SAVAGE ... Classic, quality, economy ....PAPR by ESAB
ESAB is known for the rebellious, rugged, and really affordable options for welders. The Savage helmet came out a few years ago and took off! It is budget friendly with some features you don't typically get in an economy hood. The Savage PAPR launched this week so we gave it a try! For an up close view and review watch our video linked below!  

The ESAB SAVAGE PAPR is the most affordable ventilated breathing protection system on the market. We have seen and reviewed a lot of PAPRs and we are here to tell you what we think of it. It is fully NIOSH approved and is recommended for professional fabricators at a price point even an occasional welder can justify. 

Wild External Features 

The Savage A40 is designed to be functional for a welder. You can adjust the welding shade or tap into grind mode from the side of the helmet. This is a big deal because when you have a PAPR on you really need to keep the helmet on and down for ultimate protection. On the inside it is the classic analog adjustments. Super simple to use and adjust delay and sensitivity.

To turn on or adjust the PAPR blower you can easily feel the button behind your back. Its large and simple one tap, two tap, hold system can be controlled without having to take the unit off completely. Also paired with noise/beeps so you can hear the change as you press the buttons. LCD display indicates the air flow, battery level, and filter status. 

Crazy Optical Performance 

Okay so it's not a Sentinel but this helmet gives you a great bright view of your work piece. True Color technology, four sensors and large viewing area. So basically it has the technology to allow you to see the true color (less green) and auto darken reliably with the typical adjustments. 1/1/1/2 optical rating putting it in the top category for the most important rankings. 

Exceptional Comfort

If you have to wear a PAPR you need it to feel comfortable enough to wear for a few hours at a time or even all day. This system comes with not only an adjustable waist strap but also shoulder straps. On most PAPR's that is an add on accessory. The shoulder straps evenly distribute the weight and keep it centered on your back. 
Plus comes with a waist expander to allow the waist portion to get larger to fit welders of all shapes and sizes. On the headgear it has several adjustments to fit most heads with just a few fine tune adjustments. 

Extraordinary Breathability

This system has three air flow adjustments ranging from 170 to 230 liters per minute to flow. That is right up there with the best systems as far as air flow is concerned. The system comes with two replaceable filters, pre filters, and a spark arrestor. On the digital read out it shows you the air flow, battery life and indicates if the filter needs to be changed. 

Top notch filtration at 99.9% of fine particles in the air during routine welding procedures. Plus backed by the ESAB 2 year warranty. 

Overall Review

This PAPR is a lot of bang for your buck. Battery life (8 hours), Air flow (up to 230), ADF quality (large and clear) rank this right up there with the best. The biggest difference is really that it is at a more affordable price point. If we were to compare this to another PAPR it would probably be in line with the Viking PAPR by Lincoln Electric. Only thing it is missing or a negative to this PAPR would be that it does not have an integrated grind shield. However there is the external grind button.

Overall we would recommend this PAPR. It comes in at a super competitive price point and has the majority of the features we look for in a PAPR. If you have questions or need a quote please contact us and we are happy to help. Watch our YouTube video for an exclusive promo code on this unit!

Want to buy or get more info on the ESAB Savage PAPR, click here!

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