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Is Welding A Good Career for You?

Is Welding A Good Career for You?

The customers at Baker’s Gas and Welding range from professional welding shops to weekend welders who take on household and personal welding projects in their spare time. Among those customers, it isn’t uncommon to hear about young welders or students evaluating their job prospects who consider full time welding careers. 

There are many paths to a career in welding, and in many cases, these aspiring welders need a little bit of guidance about their next steps. The good news is that there is a projected labor shortage in welders by 2025, and some industries are reporting immediate needs right now. There are many opportunities for a welding career if you know where to look:

Welding Simulators for New Welders

One of the best places for high school students to begin with a welding career is a welding simulator, allowing them to safely experiment with welding techniques in a low stakes setting. Many companies have traveling simulators that go from school to school, providing students from all backgrounds a chance to experience welding. In some cases, students who never would try out a real welder could discover a career in welding. 

Job Fairs with Welding Career Options

Whether in high school job fair or as part of an economic development program, there are annual job fairs where students and new welders can learn about their career options at local trade schools and employers. From manufacturing to engineering work to pipe welding and construction, it’s essential to know how broad the career options are for welders. 

Job Training Programs

In many northern manufacturing towns there is a growing trend of the companies partnering with local trade schools and community colleges in order to train new employees for specific careers. Rather than trying to find new employees from the existing workforce, it’s often beneficial to recruit highly capable employees and then connect them with the training they need. These are often a fast track to getting welding certification. 

Welding Programs at Colleges and Universities

Besides the many job programs and trade schools offering welder training and certification, colleges and universities also offer advanced training in welding careers. There are welding careers working in many manufacturing sectors and even in high tech capacities with NASA. 

If you’ve been considering an engineering career, then welding can offer many different opportunities to get involved in the design and robotic engineering aspects of the industry. 

Some high schools have formed partnerships with community colleges and trade schools in order to provide accredited programs for high school students hoping to learn the basics of welding. This provides a hands-on introduction for students while also getting these students a head start on their welding careers. 

Fabrication, Construction and Manufacturing Welding Career Opportunities

If you prefer a more hands-on approach to a welding career, then a welding job in fabrication or manufacturing may have a stronger appeal. These skilled trades can be demanding and may require some travel, depending on your industry. However, for young welders looking to make a serious profit, some of the traveling and construction careers can prove to be the most lucrative. 

Pipeline work and construction work may provide a significant income for the short term before settling into a more stable long term position. Fabrication shops and manufacturers may be among those hit the hardest with the shortage of welders, so these may provide some of the best opportunities in the future. 

Supplies for Your Welding Career

Whether you’re practicing your welding technique in the garage or burning through some rods in a welding training program, get the safety gear, supplies, and welding machines you need at the most competitive prices from Baker’s Gas and Welding. You’ll find name brand welding machines from ESAB, Miller, and Lincoln alongside cutting edge helmets and tried and true welding gloves. 

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