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Improve the Safety of Your Welding Shop

Improve the Safety of Your Welding Shop

Every month we compile a roundup of welding stories in the news, and every month we find several reports of welding accidents, fires, and injuries. Some weeks there are more than we can include, and we don’t doubt that plenty of incidents go unreported. That’s why we always encourage our customers to review the safety conditions of their shops and to ensure they have the right equipment on hand, especially if you’re welding in a garage attached to your house! Here are a few basic safety precautions you can take before you begin welding.

Fire Extinguishers for Welding Shops

One of the most common stories we read about when it comes to welding shop fires is the way some sparks either ignite materials that start a fire and it spreads rapidly or the sparks sit in some sawdust and then ignite later. Whether a fire spreads suddenly or a fire smolders over the course of a few hours and then starts later, having a fire extinguisher on hand is a simple, cost effective way to contain a fire.

Baker’s carries a full line of industrial Ansul fire extinguishers that have been approved by the Coast Guard, have a six year warranty, and have been approved for use in a wide variety of sensitive locations. These fire extinguishers are ideal for putting out welding shop fires because their Clean Guard spray is non-corrosive on electric components and leaves no residue.

Some models, like the Ansul FE-36, Fe02vb, come with a mount for trucks, while the Ansul Foray is typically used for less demanding workshop conditions. The Ansul Fe-36, Fe-09 extinguisher is a heavy duty extinguisher designed to put out class A, B, and C fires.

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Improve Your Welding Safety Gear

Welding safety gear is largely determined by the kind of work you’re doing and the type of shop setup you have. For instance, you may need to consider welding ventilation systems if you’re in a tightly enclosed space, but that’s less of an issue if you’re working in an open garage.

The welding safety page at Baker’s has a full range of safety gear. For instance, you can weld with perfect clarity in true color using the 3M Speedglas auto-darkening welding helmet from Baker’s. It’s deeply discounted right now as of this writing and offers one of the widest viewing areas for excellent peripheral vision on the job site.

If you’re looking for great value in your welding helmet, consider the helmets from Miller and Lincoln Electric. Lincoln’s Viking helmet line is a highly affordable auto-darkening welding helmet that receive high marks for clarity, safety, and comfort.

The welding safety page also offers links to the Miller welding jacket that provides excellent protection without weighing you down with heavy materials. The Tillman work gloves continue to receive some of the best reviews, while Miller’s heavy duty MIG welding gloves provide the best in comfort and safety.

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First Aid Supplies for Welding Shops

While your shop needs a fire extinguisher and you need to wear appropriate safety gear for your welding projects, don’t overlook basic first aid supplies for your shop. A jagged edge of metal or a shift metal workpiece can lead to minor but serious injuries that can become infected or slow down your progress if not treated appropriately.

Baker’s has hands sanitizer that help mobile welders remain prepared for emergencies on the go.

Respiratory Protection for Welding

A respirator can be an essential safety pickup if you’re welding materials that could be sending off fumes. The Miller LPR-100 Half Mask Respirator filters 99.97% of airborne particles and oil aerosols and comfortably fits under a welding helmet.

The full face respirator option protects your eyes from particles in the air and is designed to make breathing easier with its improved air flow.

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Welding Safety at Baker’s Gas and Welding

Whenever you stock up on welding supplies at Baker’s Gas and Welding, but sure to check out our full range of tested and approved welding supplies that will make your work site safer.

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