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How to Weld a Dining Room Table

dining room table

A dining room or kitchen table is one piece of furniture that every home needs and that just about any welder can make. Tables are very easy to weld since they only require a series of tacks and finishing welds in order to create a sturdy structure. However, the big differences will come with the quality of your plans and your ability to line up a solid table leg design. 

welded dining table

The concept for building a dining room table is a lot like building a coffee table. You can make it as ornamental or simple and modern as you like. The main difference will be in the size of the materials. The plans for a dining room table don’t have to be extremely complicated.

Here are some basic guidelines to follow, though you’ll need to plan according to your own needs and the material you have on hand.

  • Table¬†height: 2 feet, six inches.
  • Table width: 3 feet, 2 inches
  • Table length: 7 feet

The materials you’ll want to use should include:

  • Square steel for the legs and for the frame that will support the table top.
  • Wood or glass to build a table top.
  • If using a glass table top, use angle iron to hold it in place.
  • Screws for connecting a wooden table top to the metal legs
  • A drill for making screw holes
  • A cutting set up or saw
  • An angle grinder
  • A MIG or TIG welder

Constructing a Table Frame

Some tables have legs right up to the edges, while others set them back about four inches from all edges of the table. As you plan your table design, keep these variations in mind. A simple table could have legs welded together with a frame that sits back from the edge. Other tables have legs right up to the edge, but the two long supports are set back from the edge.

There are many other table designs available online with plans and videos. Be sure you review your options before making your final plans and cutting your metal. Use a square to line up your welds and clamp your pieces together so that they are joined together properly.

As with most welding projects, begin with a series of tack welds on each joint and then follow with finished welds. Use your angle grinder to smooth the welds.

Attaching a Table Top

After constructing your table top, you’ll need to attach it to your metal frame without drilling through the table top. Measure the width of your metal and drill a series of holes about 6-8 inches apart from each other.

Place the table top with the bottom side up on a work table or on the floor. Line up the legs and frame with the edges of the table and mark off each edge with a pencil. Drill your screws through the frame into the table top and make sure it doesn’t shift while you work on it.

Finishing Your Table

You can use a clear finish or a wood stain on the wooden table top. Most paint their table legs black, but there are a variety of finishes and colors to consider. Then again, being able to customize the details is why you’re probably building a table on your own in the first place. In the end, the table will reflect your creative touches and attention to detail.

This video below is not the same design as described above but is still a good guide if you are welding a table. Check it out to learn more about a project like this. 

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