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eHow.com, the website dedicated to helping you learn “how to do just about everything,” has 20 videos on the proper use and maintenance of welding equipment. One of the most highly rated videos in their series covers refurbishing the welder nozzle and tip. Here is the full transcript to the video.

Refurbishing the Welder Nozzle & Tip


On behalf of Expert Village I'm Terry, and today I want to show you how to use a welder.

As I said before, I want to dress the cone and the tip-up so that I don't have

to replace it with a new one. I can use this as long as I can until I run out of


So, I'm going to use the grinding wheel here on the flat side.

So I've just ground down my tips. As you can see, the opening is not a perfect round opening.

You can see the bur on the inside, so I'll show you how to do that over on the drill press in just a second. I took this one down and of course the burs of it filled up the exit hole for the wire. So, I'll have to take. . . usually, you take a torch tip cleaner and run it down in there and open that back up.

OK, what I'm going to do here is use the drill bit to de-bur the end of my cone and clean up the inside of my cone. Apply slight pressure on it all the way around. Now, I'll take it back over to the wire wheel and polish it back up.

OK, I've cleaned up my nozzle now. It's not a perfect opening, but it's a lot better than the jagged edges it had before. So, I've cleaned up my nozzle and my tip. I put my wire in my tip and jam that through. You may have to give a little twisting motion just get that little piece out. . . And we've got in there. . .we have a new tip and a new nozzle.



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