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How to Properly Store Your Welding Equipment


Storing your welding tools and equipment is very important in maintaining their functionality and prolonging the life of your gear.  With proper storage your tanks and other welding gear will be out of harm’s way and out of the reach of anyone who is curious about your tools.

When you’re storing your welding rods it is important that you always store them in an upright position in order to prevent them from becoming damaged and later affecting the quality and safety of your work.  You should store your welding rods in waterproof containers always keeping the different types of rods separate.  This will insure that your rods are dry and that you will not mix them up with the other welding rods that you have.

It is recommended that you store your hoses in a way in which they are loosely coiled to prevent any long term damage to the hose.  By removing any kinks or knots that may have formed in moving them around or getting them ready for storage, you will be preventing them from forming any folds or creases which may lead to problems down the road.

Always store your welding tanks in a manner that will prevent them from accidentally tipping over.  By storing your tanks in the proper way, you will reduce the chance of dangerous leakage or explosions.  When preparing to store your tanks always check the valves to make sure that they are securely closed and turned off to avoid any gas leakage.

If you have your welder connected to an AC or DC current, always unplug any connections and make sure that all of the power switches are in the off position.  Store your arc welder in a secluded area where it will not be accidentally bumped or knocked over.  This will help keep your arc welder in proper working order.

By following the suggested storage methods, your gear should remain safe and ready to use on your next welding job.

Dylan Brown


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