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How to Improve Plasma Cutter Cuts and Save on Consumables

Welders and metal workers can get cleaner cuts and extend the life of their consumables by paying attention to their air filtration kits on their plasma cutters. For a limited time, those who purchase a new plasma cutter at Baker’s Gas and Welding can get a big discount on an air filter kit, picking of a genuine air filter kit for only $170. Clean dry air is essential for getting the most out of your plasma cutter and saving on consumable costs. Here’s a breakdown on why this is so important for plasma cutters.

Why Humidity Harms Plasma Cutters

Humidity is the enemy of plasma cutters which rely on pumping pressurized air through the machine in order to make a cutting arc. When the air is moist inside of a plasma cutter, the hydrogen and increased oxygen throw off the delicate balance of the air and gas mixture. This results in the erosion of the electrode’s hafnium emitter, leading to significant damage to the electrode.

Oftentimes this damage is rapid and leads to significant cutting problems. The nozzle bore and electrode orifice are eroded, and many of the consumable parts will need to replaced as soon as possible in order to preserve efficiency and accuracy while cutting.

Moisture needs to be drained from plasma cutters daily, as it can build up in the lines of the machine and lead to both short and long term cutting problems. The frequency of this will depend on the amount of humidity in your region. In addition, there are other problems that can impact the quality of a cut and the life of consumables.

How Contaminants Impact Plasma Cutters

When worn out filters, compressor cups, or piping allow dust to accumulate to plasma cutters. If a source of dust is nearby the machine, this problem may be especially acute. As dust mixes into the plasma cutting torch, cut quality and consumable life will be impacted–sometimes significantly.

Besides routine maintenance, it’s especially important to have clean, dry air filters routinely inserted into your plasma cutting machine.

Get Discounted Air Filters for your Hypertherm Machine

The full line of industry leading Hypertherm plasma cutters are currently being offered with a discounted air filtration kit for $170. This investment in air filters will also save on consumable costs week in/week out.

As of this writing, the Hypertherm Powermax 45 XP is discounted at $380 off as of this writing, and the Powermax 85 is marked down by $700. The combined savings on these plasma cutters and air filters is among the best you can find online. The rest of Hypertherm’s machines are also marked down at Baker’s as of this writing.

Learn more about Welding and Cutting Supplies

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