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How to Find the Best Welding Deals Online

Baker’s Gas and Welding is a welding retailer with several physical locations and online sites offering some of the best deals on welders, welding gear, and welding supplies. With all of the promotions, rebates, and discounts being offered in physical stores and online, Baker’s Gas and Welding regularly update a wide variety of social media sites that will keep customers in the loop while also offering welding tips and project ideas. To make sure you don’t miss anything follow them on social media and sign up for the newsletter. Here’s a rundown of all the ways you can keep track of finding the best welding deals online:

The Baker’s Welding Supply Stores

Take advantage of the great prices and expertise of our in-store staff at one of the Baker’s Gas locations in southeast Michigan and Northwest Ohio. Our newly redesigned website includes all the store addresses and phone numbers. If you are ever passing through town stop by and see us!

Get your hands on some of the latest name brand welders, try on a brand-new helmet, or learn more about which gas is right for your project. We’ll walk you through gas safety, which supplies to keep on hand, or which welder is the right one for your project.

If your home or business uses propane gas, Baker’s Gas and Welding also offers propane gas services and safety training throughout Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan. You can get your tank filled and schedule service work at your home or work location with Baker’s propane experts. Visit our new Baker’s Propane website in order to learn more.

Find Welding Supplies on Sale Via Social Media

Baker’s has a frequently updated collection of social media accounts that offer reviews, welding tips, and product demonstrations. If you’re interested in learning about a new plasma cutter or welder, start with the social media site that you prefer. Here are a few options:

Baker’s has reviews of the new ESAB Sentinel welding helmet, demonstrations of the new welder/generators from Miller, and explanations about the new torches being offered on the Hypertherm Powermax 45 plasma cutters. This is where you’ll find real professionals digging into the details of the leading welding and cutting machines on the market so that you’ll be fully informed when it’s time to make your purchase. Leave your questions in a comment and the experts will reply back!

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google+
Simply visit whichever social media platform you prefer. Baker’s is on Google+, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. The Baker’s social media accounts have all of the latest sales and promotions on welding gear, welders, plasma cutters, and safety gear. We post links to all of our latest blog posts about welding projects and welding news so that you’ll always have plenty of ideas for your welding shop and you’ll never miss a promotion. Find inspiration for welding projects, product pictures, and updates about upcoming events and workshops for welders in the Instagram feed. If you want to get featured in a future blog post, be sure to tag our account so that we can pass along your creation!

Most of the promotions and rebates on Baker’s run for a limited time, so this is a must-follow for everyone who wants to save big on welding supplies and welders. 

Get Welding Supplies on Sale

Of course, the safest bet to lock in the best savings and deals on welding supplies will be visiting the Baker’s Gas and Welding website where we always update customers about the latest sales, rebates, and add-on offers. You’ll always get the best value for your money by shopping on our website.




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