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How to Choose Which ESAB Rebel Welder Is Right for You

How to Choose Which ESAB Rebel Welder Is Right for You

The ESAB Rebel offers a full range high and low power settings in a portable machine capable of stick, MIG, and TIG welding. The full range of ESAB’s Rebel multiprocess welders are priced competitively between $1,699 and $2,999 at Baker’s Gas and Welding as of this writing, offering a range of power settings, duty cycles, and welding features on each machine. 

The Rebel’s EMP models provide welding that is truly multi-process and makes it easy to tackle any project that comes to your shop. Here are a few tips on how to choose which of ESAB’s Rebel multi-process welders is ideal for your shop. 

Extended Duty Cycles for Longer Welding

When working with any welding process on 110V, even the most basic 215ic model can weld at 100% duty cycle. When swapping out to 230V power, that duty cycle drops to 25%, which is competitive when lined up against similar multi-process machines. 

The higher power Rebel 285ic is a newer model that offers longer duty cycles, up to 60% at full blast on the 3 phase power model, and a good deal more punch. The 3 phase Rebel 285ic model tops out on its power between 460V and 575V. 

Reliable Multi-Process Welding with the Rebel’s EMP Models

What do welders love about the existing EMP 215ic and the EMP 235ic ESAB Rebel models? For starters, these lightweight machines are easy to transport around work sites and workshops, ranging between 40 pounds and 53 pounds, making them highly functional, with the option of TIG welding in a shop or stick welding wherever a project comes up. 

The Rebel is extremely easy to use, with a highly intuitive and clear color display screen that makes it a snap to choose your settings. Once you’re ready to weld, additional options such as smart MIG (sMIG) technology learns and adapts to your technique and tendencies. This leads to an arc that is far more stable and welds that are cleaner and stronger. 

Learn more about the Rebel 215ic and the 235ic welders.

Expanded Multi-Process Welding Features in New ESAB Rebels

The latest Rebel models, which includes the 205ic and the 285ic take the possibilities of multi-process welding to a whole new level, offering a broader range of options that include MIG, flux-cored, stick, DC TIG, and AC TIG HF in the 205ic and MIG, flux-cored, DC TIG, and stick welding in the 285ic. 

Learn more about the Rebel 205ic and the 285ic welders.

More Multi-Process Welder Options

Those options aren’t the only ones available in the ESAB Rebel. If you need a reliable, easy to use MIG welder, the Rebel EM 215ic and the Rebel EM 235ic offers dependable MIG welding and the option to switch out to flux-cored wire. 

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Act Now to Save Big on ESAB Rebel Welders

Baker’s Gas and Welding provides the most competitive prices on both the new and existing ESAB Rebel multi-process welders. In addition, you can add on a $100 rebate or add on a free foot pedal control. Choose between other add on savings options, such as saving 50% on a highly rated ESAB welding helmet. If you aren’t sure about which accessories to include with your welder purchase, Baker’s has a complete list right next to the welder that you can easily click on to add to your order. 

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