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How To Become A Welding Engineer

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The job of a welding engineer involves planning and performing welding techniques using different types of welding equipment.  Welding engineers must have an understanding of materials and which type of welding process should be used to create joints.  These welding methods include arc welding, laser welding, resistance welding, brazing and soldering among others.  To become a welding engineer it is necessary for a welder to complete an engineering academic program as well as learn the skills needed through internships and valuable on the job experience.

If you are interested in becoming a welding engineer, your first step should be to attend a college or university that offers programs in engineering, welding engineering or a related field of study.  Many universities offer welding engineering programs that are focused on welding intensive areas of study.  To ensure that you receive the appropriate education it is important that you choose a program that will provide you with a curriculum that has been endorsed by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology as well as the American Welding Society.

The next step on your road to becoming a welding engineer is to join a professional society that focuses on your field.  Joining the American Welding Society is one of the associations that many welding engineer students find beneficial.  The American Welding Society can help students locate employment opportunities after graduation.  This will also help in preparing for the certification exams required by many states.  For more information on joining the American Welding Society while still in school you can view their membership information at http://www.aws.org/w/a/membership/.

Upon graduating you should seek entry-level work experience.  You can find helpful information at the career planning office at your school.  During this time you should also start working on your resume and be sure to include your degree and any work experience you have accumulated while in school.  You should also include any internships and welding experience.  When looking for an entry level position you may also want to search the American Welding Society for any welding engineer positions that may be listed on their website.

Once you have graduated and have gained valuable work experience your next step would be to become certified.  Becoming certified through the American Welding Society can help you increase your earning potential and open the door to many new career opportunities.  The certification options available to someone with a degree in welding engineering include Certified Welding Engineer and Certified Welding Inspector.  To find out what is required to become certified you can review the application process and locate a testing center in your area by visiting here. This will help you identify any and all requirements needed prior to taking the certification exam.

Becoming a welding engineer can be a very rewarding occupation that can open many different career options.  If this is something that seems interesting to you, do the proper research and find a program that will offer you everything necessary to become a successful welding engineer.

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