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Rae Ripple - "When I Grow Up" - Inspiring the next generation of welders

Rae Ripple

Who is Rae Ripple?

Rae Ripple is a metal working artist, stunt rider, author, and public speaker. Rae got her start in welding and metalworking art after years of trying out other jobs. Rae's purpose in life is to create artwork and inspire others to find their passion. Rae's entire life changed when she discovered her passion for art and metal working. That is why her life goal is to help others find their passion and to chase what they love. One way she is doing this is with her new book "When I Grow Up". Keep reading to learn more!

Rae Ripple Plasma cutting

Rae's Work

Rae has done countless metalworking projects, take a look below for some of the favorites from the Baker's Gas team. 

Rae Ripple Metal Lace Car

One very unique piece that Rae has created recently is the metal lace car called "Phillis Gene". This car looks incredible, there is detail on every surface of the car. One interesting side note is that the entire car was done with a single Hypertherm drag cutting cup.  

@rae_ripple They say ‚ÄúArt is best created when you‚Äôre either falling apart or falling in love.‚ÄĚ And this‚Ķ is definitely some of my best work.‚ÄúMcConaughey‚ÄĚ The Metal Armadillo. ūüĒ• #FrunktheBeat #MadewithKAContest ‚ô¨ Sunset - √ėDYSSEE & Gatz2Gatz

 The massive "Metal Armadillo" is very detailed and something that we have never seen anything like before. It is currently located in Lumberton, Texas.

As mentioned before, Rae is also a stunt driver. Take a look at the stunt she pulled off on her motorcycle.



Rae has also been on the Netflix show "Metal Shop Masters" where contestants compete for $50,000. She has also been on "Monster Garage" on Discovery channel. Rae has proven that if you love something and are passionate for it, you can achieve anything. 

When I Grow Up

Rae wrote and illustrated her new book "When I Grow Up" in 2022. The book is about a young girl that is inspired to learn about welding and the trades after seeing a woman working on a metal sculpture. The book talks about her journey through the many trades and getting started welding. 

Rae Ripple when I grow up Elena Edwards and Marta

We enjoyed the book and love to see future welders inspired. You can buy "When I Grow Up" on Barnes and Noble with free shipping and other book retailers. To see more about Rae's life follow her on Instagram. Take a look at her website to learn more about her work and find all of her links.

When I Grow up by Rae Ripple

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