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How Magswitch Magnets Improve Weld Accuracy

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Magswitch magnets have a wide variety of applications in welding shops and in fabrication businesses, providing magnetized hooks, grounding clamps, and supports for welding in a variety of positions and angles. They improve worksite safety, keep metal workpieces cleaner, simplify moving metal around the site, and hold workpieces steady.

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Here’s a brief look at some of the Magswitch magnet products you can expect to find at Baker’s Gas and Welding, as well as how they work so well in the first place:

How Magswitch Magnets Help Welders and Fabricators

The magnet configurations from Magswitch include two diametrically polarized magnets, with one rotating on top of the other in order to engage or release the magnetic field. A simple 180 degree turn on the handle aligns the magnets in order to generate the magnetic field, while rotating the handle back 180 degrees collapses the magnetic field.

This lightweight design is easy to use and does not require any power sources, so it’s easy transported from one work site to another or stored in a garage or workshop.

The Magswitch Power Hook – Utility Magnet

Available in different sizes, the utility magnet provides a convenient hook that can be moved around any workshop or garage when you need to hang a jacket, keep a tool in an accessible spot, set up a hanging light, or keep your hoses or power cords in a safe spot. The magnet is designed to adapt to different surfaces, switching between flat and curved options if you need to attach it to a pipe.

Learn more about the Magswitch Power Hook – Utility Magnet

Magswitch Boomer Angle

Weld metal workpieces in a variety of positions with the fully adjustable Boomer Angle that holds metal in place with its powerful magnets. This 10” adjustable angle offers two heavy duty magnets that can offer hundreds of pounds of  breakaway force. For instance, the 50 mm option has 550 pounds of breakaway force.

All of the Magswitch magnets that are used for welding projects release from the metal workpieces easily once turned off, and all debris immediately falls away when the magnet is switched off. Any remaining debris is easily wiped away.

The Boomer Angle pivots for inside and outside angles, and you can rotate the magnets for an unlimited range of angle options while welding.

Learn More about the Magswitch Boomer Angle

The Magswitch Magsquare

Available in a variety of sizes and strengths, the Magsquare is a simple and reliable solution for easily and accurately positioning metal workpieces prior to welding them together. The Magsquare has been machined to a clean and precise 90 degree angle.

It holds metal steady under demanding conditions, with the 40 mm model providing up to 400 pounds of hold force on a ¼” steel workpiece. The magnetic grip is also extremely versatile, with the magnet working on all five sides. There are also 8 threaded holes on all sides of the magnet for more versatility on the job and pre-tapped holes for mounting.

Learn More about the Magswitch Magsquare

A Portable Magnet for Welders

If you need to a simple, small magnet to carry around to your worksites, you may want to consider the affordable mini magnetic angle from Magswitch.

Learn more about the Mini Magnet Angle

Browse the Full Range of Magswitch Products

This is just a small sample of the many functional and easy to use magnetic products from Magswitch. Shopping at Baker’s Gas and Welding gives you extensive access to all of them, as well as online support and free shipping for most orders over $50.

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