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Hot Off The Press! Welding For DUMMIES

 This book is so hot it hasn’t even been released yet! The ever-popular “…. For Dummies” book series – which has covered nearly every topic from Chihuahuas to computer hacking – is at it again, and this time the spotlight is on welding. Welding For Dummies promises to be just as entertaining, easy to follow, and full of information as other books in the “…. For Dummies” series.

Welding For Dummies


Here’s a snippet from the back cover of Welding For Dummies:

This friendly, step-by-step guide helps you master this commonly used yet complex task, taking you from material evaluation all the way through the welding process.

  • Understand common welding techniques — become familiar with stick, tig, and mig welding
  • Pick your metal — choose from options such as steel, stainless steel, and aluminum, and learn the best methods for working with them
  • Prepare your shop — obtain the tools you need, find the ideal location, and plot your setup
  • Create cool projects — get started with a basic torch cart and then take it up a notch with a portable welding table and a campfire grill
  • Make fixes and repairs — decide the right time to mend and then design a repair strategy and follow your plan

Learn to:

  • Work with various welding techniques
  • Follow safety procedures
  • Make each joint look professional
  • Complete simple do-it-yourself projects


Welding For Dummies will be available for purchase on Oct. 12. 2010, but you can pre-order a copy from today for $16.49.

Price: $16.49

Where to pre-order:


In my experience with “…. For Dummies” books (specifically in the writing arena), you’ll get a healthy dose of information, tips, examples, and practice problems to help you become a better welder. As with any hobby, new career, etc. that you take up, practice is what makes you perfect. Pre-order your copy of Welding For Dummies from, then be sure to leave us a review of this new welding book.

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