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Holiday Welding Project Round Up for 2013

It’s time for another holiday welding project round up. Whether you need welding project plans or some top notch inspiration, we’re building off last year’s list of projects and present ideas to offer up plenty of options for you to consider for your holiday welding plans. Whether you weld with MIG, TIG, or stick, there are plenty of large and small welding projects for the holidays that include massive snow flakes and manger scenes as well as smaller candle holders and ornaments. The limits are only your budget and creativity with all of the great welding projects out there. Here’s a holiday welding project round up for 2013:


Metal Working and Welding Projects

If you want to get started on a welding project that requires a little bit of metal bending, you could work on making candle holders. You’ll need to review some examples and forum posts of what other welders have put together. One of the key features to consider is giving yourself enough room for the wax to melt, lest your candles form pools of wax on your table.

Besides metal working, you’ll need to also clean the metal, prime it, and paint it so that the metal has a smooth finish. Consider using a TIG welder for this particular project.

Christmas Tree Stands

If you have a hard time finding a Christmas tree stand that is just right for your home, you could also follow the lead of this welding class and weld your own Christmas tree stand. Christmas tree stands are also an ideal side project that you can use to make a little extra money. Plenty of folks have old, junky tree stands, and they’ll be willing to pick up a custom made stand that is sturdy and made locally.

Holiday Welding Project Inspiration and Ideas

Flickr and Pinterest have great collections of welding projects that you can use to find some inspiration and concrete ideas for getting started on a holiday welding project. You’ll need to develop your own plans for these since you can only find images, but if you’re lucky, you may be able to contact those who posted the image to ask for ideas or plans for your own version.

Art Welding and Signs

Many welders have used their plasma cutters or cutting torch set ups to create signs that are then welded together. Whether you want a general “Happy Holidays” sign or a more specific “Merry Christmas” sign, you can build signs with some cutting, welding, and painting. You can make a larger holiday sign more visible by adding lights to the letters in your window or on your lawn.

Ed Cyzewski


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