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Hobart Multi Handler 200: Perfect For New Welders & Small Farms

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The Hobart Multi Hander 200 is a very cost-effective unit for anyone wanting to learn how to weld or looking for versatility around a farm. This welding machine is capable of all three processes - MIG, TIG, & Stick welding - so it should handle most jobs you throw at it. Keep reading below to learn how this machine could suit your needs.

Multi Handler 200

Who it's Made For

As mentioned previously, the Hobart Multi Handler 200 is made for someone looking to get into welding. It won't break the bank, and has all the processes for a new welder to learn. This machine doesn't have advanced features like Auto-Set, so you will need to become familiar with your welding parameters.

This multi process welder is also great for a home hobbyist or farm. With the dual voltage and multiprocess capability, you can take it anywhere. The Hobart 200 will have enough power for fencing jobs or small equipment repair. With a weight of just 39 pounds, it should be easily transportable for most people.

What it's Capable Of

Now that you know who the machine is made for, it is time to learn what it is capable of. With Mild Steel, the Hobart Handler 200 can do 3/8 inch with MIG and Stick, and 3/16 inch with DC TIG. That level of performance and the dual voltage capability make this machine a great deal for just $1399. It also has a very simple-to-use interface with two knobs, a select process button, and a screen. The MIG also features run-in technology, so your MIG welds will have a spatter-free start. In addition to this, the machine can take a spool gun and has an optional foot pedal for TIG.

Multi-Handler 200 Run In technologyMultiprocess CapabilitiesQuick Select Drive Rolls


This machine has a great warranty that you can rely on. Being a Hobart welder, their warranties are quite similar to Miller Electric's welding machine warranties. This machine is covered under the 5/3/1 warranty. This means five-year warranty on transformers, stabilizers and main rectifiers; three years on generators, PC boards, and drive systems; and one year on MIG gun and TIG torch.

More Info

If you have any other questions about the Hobart Multi-Handler 200, feel free to reach out to our support team. We carry a variety of different brands and machines all at different price points. Take a look at all of our multi process welders. Give us a call M-F (8AM-5PM EST) at 877-930-5690. Or send us an email at support@bakersgas.com.

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