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Good News for Welding Jobs

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If you are a welder living near La Marque, Texas, then there is good news for you. A&A Machine not only is keeping welding jobs here in the United States, they are expanding their facility and will be needing to add to their workforce.

The metal fabrication company is currently working on a $1.3 million expansion. This expansion has been years in the making. What is being built is the company's high bay fabrication facility which will be housed in a 10,000 square foot building. While it will provide some of the company's current 83 employees with a new place to work, it is also a very important part of the company's larger plans. Namely, to draw a lot more business and expand capacity.

Also coming to A&A Machine will be some $200,000 worth of new equipment. This includes new welding machines, manipulators, and metal rollers. There will also be two 10 ton cranes, both brand new, not used. This will double how much lifting the company will be able to do, as previously the company was using just two five ton cranes.

The new building will be used to build a variety of projects. It will build pipe systems, process skids, and large pressure vessels for both the plastics and petrochemical industries. So A&A Machine will be able to get much larger projects to work on than they currently can get, furthering their reputation and that of their workers.

It's a good thing A&A is being able to expand. Half of one of the work buildings is already used just to store parts for the clients that the company has around the world. The new facility that is currently being built will be 200 feet long and 51 feet wide, but it's just the beginning. East of the new building is a 10,000 square foot area of concrete that will have two 25 ton cranes and be able to hold concrete that is designed to hold 50 tons of weight. Beyond that pad is another 10,000 square feet, this time of crushed limestone, to be a lay down area for fittings and pipes. In total, the expansion will provide 31,000 square feet of new manufacturing space.

It is expected that A&A Machine will hire six to seven new supervisors and welders initially, and as word spreads, they are expecting to hire more. It's a great opportunity for welders.



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