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Get the Specs on Miller’s New Dynasty 400 TIG Welder

Get the Specs on Miller’s New Dynasty 400 TIG Welder

The Miller Dynasty 400 TIG welder with AC/DC stick welding is a new welding machine from Miller Electric that offers a wide range of welding capabilities in a compact and powerful machine. The current promotion on Baker’s Gas and Welding offers up to $800 in savings and a free YETI traveling coffee mug while supplies last.

This is the kind of heavy-duty, industrial machine that can handle a wide range of projects across many industries, including: precision fabrication, heavy fabrication, pipe and tube fabrication, aerospace, aluminum ship repair, and anodized aluminum fabrication. Here’s a look at what this welding machine has to offer your business:

More Power and Welding Capabilities

This TIG welder offers pulsed TIG and the convenience of a wireless foot pedal. However, you can also swap out stick welding on AC and DC currents. The input power is 208-575 V, with an amperage range of 300-400 amps.

Advanced Welding Settings

Weld at high or low power with a hookup for any input voltage and whether you’re welding with clean or dirty power. Fan-on-demand technology provides an efficient safeguard from debris, while maximizing your machine’s efficiency.

When using the Coolmate torch, an integrated 120-volt receptacle provides a convenient power source, and the program memory system provides nine parameter settings that you can save for your machine.

Better Arc Starts for Welding Jobs

Arc starts on the Miller Dynasty 400 are more effective with its Blue Lightning high-frequency arc starter option. Arcs can be easily initiated with non-contact strikes that are reliable and cleaner.

When wrapping up a bead, the auto-postflow adjustment will set itself according to your amperage setting. This eliminates operator error when shielding the tungsten.

Stick Welding AC/DC Features

When you need to switch over to stick welding for a project, the Dynasty 400’s DIG control alters the arc characteristics for specific projects and electrode types. Whether you’re swapping out the E7018 electrode or the E6010, you can customize your settings to be smoother or stiffer in order to improve your arc starts. With AC frequency control, you’ll enjoy greater stability for AC current welding.

AC TIG Welding Features

Get precise heat input with your AC TIG settings, controlling EP and EN amperages, with Independent amplitude/amperage control. Balance control makes it simple to adjust your oxide removal process prior to welding aluminum, creating cleaner, stronger welds. In addition, precisely adjust the width of the arc cone and improve its direction with frequency controls.

AC Waveforms for TIG Welding

For AC TIG welding, the Dynasty 400 offers three waveforms to choose from, including an advanced squarewave, fast freezing puddle, deep penetration and fast travel speeds. The soft squarewave keeps the weld puddle wet and the arc soft, making it possible to easily control the puddle. The triangular wave reduces the heat input while welding at faster travel speeds, which comes in handy while welding thin aluminum.

DC TIG Welding Features

For TIG welding on a DC current, you’ll find a particularly precise and smooth arc that is ideal for welding exotic materials. The pulse setting makes it possible to weld with greater speed and stability without warping metal with excessive heat and distortion.

Independent AC Amperage

The Dynasty 400 allows the EN and EP amperage values to be set independently when welding on an AC current. Adjust the ratio of EN to EP amperage to precisely control heat input to the workpiece and the electrode. EN amperage controls the amount of heat directed to the work, while EP amperage dramatically affects the arc cleaning action (along with the AC Balance control). Increased EN amperage also provides deeper penetration and allows for increased travel speeds.

Learn More about the Miller Dynasty 400 TIG Welder

Save big on the fully customizable Miller Dynasty 400 TIG welder at Baker’s Gas and Welding. There are complete spec sheets and features, as well as customized options available for welding shops of all sizes.


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