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Get the ESAB Rebel 235ic MIG Welder on a Crazy Sale

Get the ESAB Rebel 235ic MIG Welder on a Crazy Sale

Baker's Gas has crazy deals on the Rebel 235

The ESAB Rebel 235ic MIG welder is a highly versatile 110/230V MIG machine that can handle any project you throw at it, using MIG or flux-cored wires. If you need to carry the Rebel with you to a different job site, it can handle that too, weighing only 53 pounds and secured in a sturdy roll cage. The Rebel is currently discounted by about $900, available at the incredible price of $3,599 at Baker’s Gas and Welding. 

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Here is an overview of the specs you will find, as well as a review video put together by the Baker’s team:

Smarter, Faster MIG Welding

The claim to fame of the ESAB Rebel line is that welders with hands-on experience helped design these machines to meet the challenges they face on the job site day in, day out. Among the most popular features available on the Rebel is the Smart MIG or sMIG option that learns from each welder’s style and habits. 

Over time, the sMIG setting helps adjust the machine’s settings to match each welder’s unique preferences and projects. Each weld becomes easier and more repeatable over time. 

With sMIG you’ll also see a flashing light when your parameters aren’t set properly, preventing you from welding. However, if you switch over to manual mode, you can override the sMIG settings on the Rebel. 

Big Power, Low Price for Welding

The weight of 53 pounds may make the Rebel easy to carry, but the Rebel can still pack a hefty punch, running 40% duty cycle when running at 230V. You can also crank up the power and speed of the wire feed to 700 inches per minute or slow it down to 80 inches per minute. 

When you compare the Rebel 235ic to similar welding machines on the market, you’ll find that it is quite a bargain, especially at its current price of $1,525 on the Baker’s site. Millermatic 252 Welder runs around $2800, while the Lincoln 260 MP MIG Welder costs approximately $2500. The Rebel doesn’t sacrifice power or add any heft in creating a portable yet capable MIG welder. 

If you are considering the Rebel 215 model, the main differences will impact your power, time on task, and wire spool options. The 235 has more amps and a longer duty cycle, and you can save on your wire costs by using the larger spools that cost less per pound. With the 235 you can run the full range of .035 in. (0.9 mm) wire – short arc and spray transfer. Also up to .045 in. (1.2 mm) solid wire and up to .052 in. (1.4 mm) cored wire. 

Comparing Welding Capabilities

While the Rebel 215 can spray transfer with the right wire and gas setup, the 235 is ideally suited for this process. If you expect to use this process frequently, you’ll most likely enjoy the power of the Rebel 235. 

If you’re trying to choose between other ESAB machines, keep in mind that the capabilities of the sMIG function on the Rebel 235ic MIG welder are exactly the same as other machines, such as the mulitprocess Rebel 285ic model. However, sMIG on the Rebel 235ic MIG welder operates with a dial since the touch screen on the 285ic is primarily used to switch between different multiprocess functions. 

Learn more about the ESAB Rebel 235ic at Baker’s Gas and Welding


Watch this review and demonstration of the ESAB Rebel 235ic:

 **Update: MIG only 235 currently not available but the Rebel EMP 235 (Multiprocess version) is and is currently on sale!

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