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Get the Best Welding Jacket with Free Shipping

Get the Best Welding Jacket with Free Shipping

As you plan for your welding projects this fall and winter, it’s time to start considering a welding jacket that can provide the protection you need whether you’re stick, MIG, or TIG welding. Baker’s Gas and Welding currently offers both discounts on the regular price of welding jackets and free shipping for welding jackets so that you can get the best deal without having to lose time in your shop. The only tricky decision will be deciding which welding jacket is the best for your job. Here are some tips to help you out: 

Features in a High Quality Welding Jacket

The best welding jacket will combine safety with freedom of movement. That means you want a jacket that makes it easy to move your arms without compromising on the quality or placement of the leather. Most jackets have breaks in the leather under the arm pits to provide a wider range of motion.

Kevlar thread is another essential for welding jackets and gloves since it is heat resistant and will help your jacket be safer and last longer.

Another welding jacket feature you’ll want is a high collar. Though most welding helmets cover your neck sufficiently, a high collar will protect you from spatter and UV rays that can cause painful burns on your neck.

Flame Retardant Welding Jackets

If you weld in a warmer climate and don’t need full leather protection (especially if you don’t do a lot of stick welding), a flame retardant welding jacket may be a great choice since you don’t want to overheat while welding at work or in your home shop. These cotton jackets are able to resist the sparks that come while welding and have snapped sleeves that easily work with welding gloves so that your hands are protected while you work.

Look into our selection of FR Jackets

Leather Sleeve Welding Jackets

If you stick weld or MIG weld in a warmer climate, you may be interested in a jacket with either leather sleeves or leather sleeves that extend the leather across the chest. With leather along your arms and chest, you’ll get the enhanced heat protection you need for stick welding or out of position welds. These jackets are a great compromise since they balance comfort and safety.

Plenty of options for Leather Sleeve Welding Jackets @ Baker's Gas.

Full Leather Welding Jackets

If you’re working in a cooler climate, or you need heavy duty protection while stick welding, or both, then a full leather, heavy duty welding jacket will be the perfect choice. Be sure to get a quality leather grain for your jacket if you want maximum comfort and range of movement while you work.

Miller and Lincoln jackets

Tillman’s New Onyx Welding Jackets

Baker’s carries Tillman’s latest line of welding gloves and welding jackets:
Onyx. The new Onyx welding jacket comes in both heavy duty and light weight varieties. The heavy duty jacket offers a bunch of great features, including:

  • Premium, all black, top grain cowhide provides increased
    durability against wear and tear.
  • Underarm gussets allow for easier movement
  • Satin lined sleeves allow for easier on/off
  • Each jacket is sewn entirely with Kevlar thread for heat
    resistance and strength
  • Soapstone and outside pockets offer storage for key


There are plenty of options for a new welding jacket at Baker’s Gas and Welding. The best jacket for you will depend on how often you weld, where you weld, which welding process you use (MIG, TIG, or stick), and your climate. The best part is that no matter where you live in the United States, Baker’s is offering free shipping, so there’s no reason why you can’t pick up the best welding jacket for the money today.


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Regular price From $23.95 USD
Sale price From $23.95 USD
Regular price $40.20 USD
Black Stallion Stryker FR Jacket - BX9C
Regular price From $140.75 USD
Sale price From $140.75 USD
Regular price $181.66 USD
Lincoln Heavy Duty Leather Welding Jacket - K2989
Regular price From $50.90 USD
Sale price From $50.90 USD
Regular price $83.72 USD
Black Stallion FR Cotton & Cowhide Hybrid Welding Jacket - JH1016-NB
Regular price From $30.30 USD
Sale price From $30.30 USD
Regular price $41.38 USD
Miller Classic Cloth Welding Jacket

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