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Get the Best Deals on 3M Grinding Wheels and Welding Helmets

Get the Best Deals on 3M Grinding Wheels and Welding Helmets

With the heat and humidity, summer is heating up, Baker’s Gas and Welding is also heating up some great deals with the Sparks Fly All July 3M promotion. This July 3M is our vendor of the month, which means extra amazing savings and bonuses on qualifying 3M purchases. When you hear 3M, you feel a sense of trust and envision inspiring and innovative products that change the way you work. This month we have impressive deals on products that hold up to everything you expect from the 3M name.

3M Born To Grind


If you are looking for a new helmet, or perhaps just an upgrade to your basic model, the 3M Speedglas Welding Helmet will be your new constant companion. With a noticeably larger viewer area than your average helmet, this model was created for streamlined convenience, allowing you to switch between welding and grinding in about 2 seconds and all with your gloves still on. This helmet is extremely comfortable and customizable with even weight distribution and a headband that ergonomically conforms to the user.

The 3M Speedglas Welding Helmet will take your work to the next level with an auto dark lens that kicks on in about 1/10 of a second after you strike an arc, allowing precision for weld puddle control and torch placement.

And using 3M innovation, this helmet will have you viewing your work with less of that green tint and more natural colors than even before, allowing you to see contrast, colors and tones with more accuracy than ever before. So if this streamlined, tech savvy work horse of a helmet has been on your welding wish list, July is the time to nab it at $140 off with Baker’s July 3M Promotion with a free box of respirators with each purchase to sweeten this helmet even more, as if it needed it.



Work smarter instead of harder with 3M grind wheels. The Cubitron II will outlast any grinding disc in your shop, especially on projects that involve stainless or mild steel, in fact it’s not even close. Not only will this grinding disc outlast its competitors, it will outperform them every step of the way. Why does this grind wheel keep going and going? It offers 3M’s precision Shaped Grain which is enhanced by innovative, rugged Y-weight poly-cotton backing that offers, a precise even wear and zero early dulling or glazing.

Not only will it outlast, the Cubitron II will give you premium performance with a faster, smarter cut that you will notice instantly. Because of 3M’s precision shaped grain, the engineers behind this disc designed it with a unique technology in the ceramic abrasive grain, which amps up your cutting potential, allowing you to cut through metal with astounding ease.

 3M Cut-off Wheel Tool

Another outstanding deal available to you this month is the 3M Cut-off wheel tool. The innovators at 3M have loaded this powerful, yet easy to use machine with the performance you need across a wide range of materials like rebar, pipe and tube. Not only is it designed for power, it’s designed for safety and controlled comfort with 3M’s patented gripping material. The 360° safety blade keeps you protected while still allowing for a customizable viewing area. It’s 360° exhaust fan keeps your work area cool while doubling as a fan and it is on special all this month href="https://bakersgas.com/" title="landing">Baker’s Gas and Welding.


Build With Blue Promo

On top of our Sparks Fly With 3M promotion, we are also running our Build With Blue Promotion, offering an amazing rebate of up to $400 on all qualifying Miller equipment. If you are in the market for a new, well made MIG welder or plasma cutter, you will want to jump on this opportunity immediately and get cash back in your pocket.


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If these deals don’t have you convinced, all purchases over $1000 will have you entered to win a 3M Pneumatic Cut-off Wheel tool, valued at over $425 and as always, all orders over $50 enjoy free US ground shipping. So heat up your summer with these cool deals from Baker’s Gas and Welding and enjoy innovative quality products at a price that cannot be beat.



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