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Get Low Prices on ESAB Welders and More at Baker’s Gas and Welding This Spring

Get Low Prices on ESAB Welders and More at Baker’s Gas and Welding This Spring

You can find a tremendous amount of versatility, value, and portability with ESAB’s latest line of MIG, TIG, and stick welders. Reviewers at Baker’s Gas and Welding have consistently noted that they are completely satisfied with these high performance machines that can pack a punch and are particularly ideal for beginner welders. Best yet, you can pick up an ESAB welder at a significant discount this spring.

Here are some details about the features that set these ESAB welders apart. Interested? The details of this offer will be listed at the bottom of this post:

ESAB Stick Welders: ESAB Miniarc 161LTS, Stick Package

ESAB’s welders promise high performance at a lower price than many welders from leading brands. You’ll get right to welding without a stuck electrode with ESAB’s “spot on” hot start that helps you strike an arc without any trouble right away.

The Fixed Arc Force setting makes it possible to keep your arc steady and focused into the weld joint. With this concentrated arc force, you’ll be able to burn through with better penetration while preventing sticking or burn through.

At 18 pounds, this welder is a lightweight model that you can easily store in your garage or take with you wherever you need to work. It also works easily with a 6010 electrode for lighter duty projects.

Learn more about ESAB stick welders.

ESAB TIG Welders: ESAB MiniArc 161LTS, TIG Package

The ESAB TIG welders are versatile, able to switch between 115 and 230 VAC and just as portable as the stick welders. In addition, they offer the same arc start and arc force features that welders have come to enjoy.

Welders concerned with protecting their machines for the long haul will be happy to know that the thermal indicator on this ESAB machine will prevent it from overheating when it reaches its peak duty cycle. In addition, the thermal indicator will also kick in when the airflow is blocked and the machine can’t cool down.

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ESAB MIG Welders: ESAB Caddy MIG C200i – 1ph 230V MIG Welder

ESAB’s MIG Caddy C200i is ideal for welding with solid or flux core wires and enables welders to work with a wide variety of metals such as aluminum and stainless steel. However it’s also able to handle brazing jobs.

Portable and lightweight, the MIG Caddy is made from impact-resistant materials that are especially durable for welders seeking a machine they can take to a variety of locations. Weighing in at 26 pounds, it gives welders the best balance of portability and power, providing 30% more welding power when compared to welders operating on a similar fuse size. However, this portability isn’t limited, as the MIG Caddy can work just as well on a generator as it can on

The QSet feature on ESAB’s MIG caddy is where it really stands out, as welders need only set the parameters for the metal they’re working on and the QSet feature will adjust the wire and gas flow in order to maximize your effectiveness while welding, while ensuring that you don’t waste any resources. As you weld, QSet will arrange the wire speed and voltage to match your travel speed.

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