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Get Free Gift with a Miller Welding Machine or Welding Helmet

Get Free Gift with a Miller Welding Machine or Welding Helmet

Just about every Miller welding machine, plasma cutter, and welding helmet at Baker’s Gas and Welding comes with a free pair of Miller’s heavy-duty metal working gloves during a limited time offer. Miller’s best-selling welders already come at a steep discount with free shipping on most orders, so the addition of Miller’s gloves adds extra value and personal safety to an already great deal on Miller’s products.

Here’s a quick overview of a few Miller machines included in the promotion, but make sure you click through to see all of the options available.

The Miller Digital Pro-Hobby Welding Helmet

This newly redesigned helmet comes with the added grind mode feature that makes it significantly more versatile and functional for the typical welding shop or hobby welder. Beside switching between welding and grinding, the Digital Pro-Hobby helmet series from Miller provides a 6.06 sq. in. viewing area and two arc sensors for auto-darkening.

Learn more about Miller’s Pro-Hobby Welding Helmet.

The Miller Digital Elite Welding Helmet

The updated Miller Digital Elite welding helmet series comes with an eye-popping 9.22 sq. in. viewing area that is shielded by 4 arc sensors that engage the auto-darkening feature as soon as the arc is struck.

The Digital Elite offers the best in protection for professional and hobby welders, including four specific modes for welding, cutting, or grinding: Weld (Shade 8-13), Cut (Shade 5-8), Grind (Shade 3) and X-Mode (Shade 8-13). The X-Mode feature is unique to Miller and offers an extra level of protection while welding since it can detect the ark even when the sensors are obstructed or obscured by sunlight.

This model has redesigned headgear for the best in comfort along with controls that are easy to read. As of this writing you can save over $80 on this top-of-the-line welding helmet and get free shipping!

Learn more about the Miller Digital Elite Welding Helmet.

Miller Spectrum 625 Plasma Cutter

This powerful, portable, 40-amp plasma cutter offers 5/8″ mild steel cutting with an ergonomic, 12″XT40 torch. At only 21 lbs, this streamlined machine has a rated cutting capacity of 15 to allow you a smooth, efficient cut.

The latest in Auto-Line technology offers you maximum flexibility alongside impressive portability. The Miller Spectrum’s circuitry automatically connects to a 120/240 VAC, single-phase power source and includes socket adapters.

The 625 X-treme automatically adjusts for input pressure changes to provide you with the optimal torch pressure needed to achieve clean, precise cutting, and gouging. The Auto-Refire Technology will control the pilot arc for you and seamlessly switch in and out, eliminating the need for manual retriggering and banishing hand fatigue.

Check out the Miller Spectrum 625 Plasma Cutter

Miller Maxstar 280 TIG/stick Welder

The Miller Maxstar is a versatile workhorse and a no-brainer addition to your workshop. With both TIG and Stick features it shifts seamlessly between projects, and materials. It functions well under the most difficult work environments and will easily hook up to both single and three phase electrical input without the hassle of manual linking. Not only is it versatile and reliable, but portable as well, weighing in at only 47lbs and featuring dual carrying straps.

The Hot Start control panel ensures positive arc starts without sticking and the stick-stuck feature will alert you immediately if the electrode sticks and will turn off for safe removal. The two-piece TIG torch head features super-cool technology and the torch body features anti-rotation, multi-position locking for improved user control.

Date panels in front make it easy to upgrade and expand capabilities and the digital meter display allows for precision calibration. The Pro-Set feature eliminates guesswork and affords you the ease of pre-set controls.

Click here to see more about the Miller Maxstar 280 TIG/stick welder.

Miller Diversion 180

The Miller Diversion 180 is the perfect starter machine with a simple, efficient user interface and all the features needed for the novice welder. It is priced affordably without compromising quality. The Diversion 180 offers a fast freezing weld puddle for stronger penetration. At a portable 50 lbs, it can be used anywhere and features both hand and foot amperage controls, allowing a precise weld at any angle.

The Inverter based, AC/DC power source is energy efficient and provides a consistent welding arc using a non-contact start, eliminating material contamination. This welder comes with Miller’s exclusive multi voltage plug, which allows versatility and connection to both 115 or 230 V receptacles.

Start Welding with the Miller Diversion 180

Millermatic 211 MIG welder

This Classic model receives a lot of praise, simply because it deserves it. With a full 210 Amps of welding power, time saving controls and built in safety features it’s an outstanding value. The Auto-set feature automatically configures your machine, making it easier to achieve a precision weld up to 3/8 inch in a single pass.

The thermal overload protection saves your machine by automatically shutting down if the airflow is blocked or the duty cycle is exceeded. The built in solid-state contactor circuit makes the wire electrically cold until the trigger is pushed, ensuring both safety and ease of use.  Miller’s innovative ‘Tip Saver’ short circuit protection stops output with the tip becomes shorted which extends the life of your tip and protects the internal components from damage.

This has been a bestseller for years, click here to learn why.

Get Discounted Welders and Welding Supplies Today

Save your high quality welding gloves from the wear and tear of your shop by picking up a free pair of Miller’s heavy-duty metal working gloves today.

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